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To pay for three streaming services. One of them got to go bye bye Hulu so is he doing be Hulu or Netflix probably going to be Hulu before it'd be Netflix Netflix me wrong who I don't really fuck with much yeah but Disney pluses for take off stream of money so yeah can't you're in a Netflix. No I live unaware sleep always there. If I came academy we don't fight light so Netflix is going to have to stay and T- money's going to be like dude if we can't keep the W._W.. Network then annoy you. Stay away easily so I guess I'm GonNa have to pay for three refocused streaming services. 'cause I'M GONNA have to have Disney plus. There's there's no getting around that I have to have did any plus especially to because they did a smart thing and they actually took the shows and they said we're not just making these shows to make these shows like when we did on Netflix daredevil not shit where we were just kind of throwing shit out there and I mean that was an marvel studios knowing that I was just like Marvel entertainment that made the Netflix shows but with these these are directly tied in to and use Z. characters directly from the movies right so there's and everything yes spin off shit like ages a shield shaped like no no this is Anthony Mackie and Sebastian staying coming back to play winter soldier and Falcon Hawk and we and we brought Jeremy Back. As what else was he fucking doing and made him. You know be Hawkeye again so I'm just like that's that's the thing that gets me most excited for these shows because I was like oh they're making a show whatever but if they're still going to keep same actors anti into the Greater Universe what I'm with it Yep. I'm telling t money right now. Okay we're going to have to have the Disney plan but I mean for real. We are pretty much with all that being said though I mean there was a lot of other stuff that came out of common calendar I saw and I wanted to talk about but I was like. I WanNa hit the main important big things that were announced that I know real people are going to want to hear our opinions on so sorry. If something happened at comic con I did not bring up. I'm aware of the final season a preacher and all these other things that came out so please don't yell at me. I'm sorry this is all I could cover for in the hour and a half. I was a lot for this. Sorry having said that is it for the show. Remember you can always find us at her home. At one jailing forgive style Lipson Dot Com we are also on apple podcast spotify Google play music or anywhere else you did you.

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