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And must create a paper trail. And the third thing that commission should do. Is lobby Congress to create national standards and to eliminate mail in balloting. Three things that commission conduce and here's the deal as to Biden would say. When we are investigating elections between November and December, we have 60 days. The courts and the law and the investigators do not move that fast and you can investigate. Corruption with a deadline, so the commission that President Trump would create would be Up UN existing commission that would exist forever. It would be regular everyday work, and there would be no deadlines. So if they wanted to investigate in Maryland, the electoral system they would work with local lawyers, local people they would use their money. And they would investigate and I can give you corruption in Maryland. I could tell you right now. Uh, Illegal aliens are voting all over the place in Maryland because they get called in for jury duty because they're voting there were on the voter rolls. They get called in for jury duty. They go to the jury office. The register, and they can't register because they're not citizens. And they have to sign a NAFTA David, a legal document saying that they're not citizens, but they're registered to vote. And the jewelry. People don't do anything about it. They don't send that information to the election board and those affidavits there, thousands of them all over the state of Maryland. And all you need is This'll Commission. To issue a court order to look at all of them. And that's only in Maryland and jury systems are the same all over the country. Can you imagine the millions of illegal immigrants that could be grabbed? For corrupt voting. Just looking at these affidavits. So I'm telling you, that is my solution. I have said that 100 times this week and I hope you all have heard it And that's what I'm promoting. Let's take a call from Richard. Where is he? He's over here, Richard. Good morning. Hello, Pat. Yes. Good morning, Richard. Yeah, I wanted to follow up on a caller from a while back, he said, would, uh, that the with new strain of virus in Britain and These people have no intention of letting things go back to normal. And and then that part I agree, But what he said is, I don't think is the whole story. He said. They don't they want people make people wear masks so they can talk and be friendly. But that could be part of it. Well, I think there's a more grievous part to a two. How about how about a more sinister Yeah. Ministers a better word. Yeah, they because it allows them to have an excuse to violate the Constitution and exercise authority and powers that they have no right to On our governor Hope has His Highness Hogan. He's standing on a house of cards Pack because no Emergency Powers Act or whatever legislation he's got. The Constitution of the state overrules all of that article. 44 invalidates it, and the U. S Constitution invalidates that they neither one neither constitution has ever suspended. But, um, the, uh, seven years ago, you know, one of the authoritarian socialist nations in Europe, Uh, they were talking, saying, uh, This country Does this and this country does this and then somebody says, and the United States. And the answer was well. The American people need to learn to do what they're told. And that's what they're doing with this. This mess of forcible face diapering. And all of this, and you go into stores. Now, if you don't have a diaper you're harassing, you know, I mean, you're a second class citizen. No, You're not. You're no. You're no citizen at all. You can't do anything. You can't buy anything. Right? I mean w B A l T V. I'm sorry. Mentioned their call letters. But they have a Facebook have a video about an incident at a mall? Yeah, over the weekend. And the store employee says the state of Maryland says you have to wear a mask. Well, First of all, there's no legislation validly. No legislation to that effect whatsoever. And, uh But, you know, all of this attorney Haruka is working on more more more than Attorney Haruka. Ernie. Peru is a wonderful man. He's a great man, actually. But he has no authority. But Dan Cox, the delegate from Frederick County who was working with Mr Haruka is introducing The what he called the impeachment articles, which are all based on the 44th section of the Supreme Court in Maryland. I mean the Constitution and that is coming, and that is gonna be a big test case. I heard him when he was on your show, right? Yeah. Support that man. I would climb a mountain full of broken glass all over it to support that man. I got to see that. All right. All right. Thank you. We're gonna take a break. Hi. 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