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For that would go to leeann guarantee. Leeann good morning. Matt North Korea's top envoy has arrived in Washington is US officials say high level talks pond later today on a possible. Second summits between President Trump and Kim Jong UN Cam young show traveled amid speculation that a meeting could happen in Hanoi. Theat- minis prime minister, we on fun Fook. I actually don't know if the two will decide to have the meeting in Vietnam, we don't know the fun with decision. However, if it happens here, we'll do best facilitate the meeting the African Union is calling for a suspension of Dion Congo's presidential election results saying there was serious doubts about the accuracy. Bloomberg's pull Richardson reports. Surprised Amman comes as congress highest coop prepares to rule Friday on an opposition challenge to the outcome. Presidential candidate Monte for you lose the results were rigged in favour of his rival Phoenix security, the African Union results suspended. What is since a high level delegation to help resolve the political crisis in Johannesburg pool Richardson, Bloomberg daybreak you're at least ten people were killed and more than sixty injured after car bomb? Exploded onto Peace Academy in. Aw, Bloomberg's ounce can Medina says it's the deadliest attack in Columbia's capital. Since a peace deal with monks as rebels. Columbus precedent, Yvonne, Duka said the terrorist attack which. Called insane will not go unpunished while authorities and accuse anyone of the attack suspicion has focused on another Marxist group. The National Liberation Army whose peace talks with the government broke down a third Duke. It took office last August in Bogota Oscar Medina, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. And finally, Sweden is poised to get a new government. Stephan Lucian is only certain to remain prime minister, Bloomberg's Amanda Bill no reports the government crisis that's been going on since the general election in September was finally sold last week as the former social democratic government managed to reach a deal to liberal opposition parties in order to reach into Levin had to agree to cut income taxes considerably carry out reforms Instagram on Bloomberg daybreak your global news twenty four hours a day on Aaron it. Take talk on Twitter pump by more than twenty seven hundred journalists. Listen more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm young gerrans. This is Bloomberg. Matt thanks very much for that. Leeann now, let's get European sports support for that we go to Lawrence morale happiness is. Apparently, the key to pull poke scintillating form for my United United six wins from six competitions his Joe Saint Marino sacking in December Polk was told Sky Sports News. He feels like he's playing on instinct, former Chelsea and England defender Ashley Cole could be reunited with Frank Lampard. It's our understanding that Dhabi in talks to sign code is currently a free agent since leaving LA galaxy in November. Nor have the chance to close the gap on championship leaders to one point this evening win at home to Birmingham with that ranges begin their attempt to win the Scottish Cup for the first time in ten years later, they're league to carry them beef in the opening of the forthright and Ediborah can reach the quarterfinals of rugby Union's European Champions Cup seething victory at home to Montpellier would send the five leaders through to the last eight..

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