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On not just to talk they come on this show to compete ten questions whether they know it or not are somehow inspired by a moment in their life or their career ten questions. Ten points so much fun head over to spotify and please subscribe to ten questions with Kyle. Brands. Basketball is very alone welcome to group the ringers weekly NBA Group discussion where we talk about everything from Mario his own to headbutts. I'm your host Justin Barrier and joining me today Rob Mahoney. WHAT'S UP ROB? Not a lot doing great. I. Want you both to know you're both on my all NBA teams game presented by Keough. also joining US Jonathan Sharks, how you doing? Steve Back on production we actually say hello to Stephen this time we missed you I'm buddy Today, we're going to get into a couple things here. We're going to bring on Chris Ryan to talk about six or sadness I. Guess is the best way to describe it, which is something that Chris knows very well we're going to get into the nuggets in the back end of the podcasts go a little bit of a deep dive with some of charges lineup dead but I want to talk about Damian Lillard. Guys saw last night, but it seems like Damian Lillard is a Golden God. So, sixty one points last night. On the heels of a fifty point game the so they're they're doing this bubble. VP, thing as rob alluded to up top in addition to an all bubble team, which is basically awards for the past two weeks of seating games. So Lillard has clearly one bubble and the If you had any doubts about that, I think last night pretty much. So that up here's my question to you guys if we were to include the bubble games in the awards big picture. Balloting which they're not doing but I wish they had would Lillard have a case for MVP along with Jaanus and Lebron I mean do MVP's ever go to eight seeds right? Like I don't know we have to change the rules of voting right in terms of the unwritten rules how these things go it's tough because he's been so good and you don't WanNa take anything away from how just how well Lillard has played these games and how important those games have been. But I would have a hard time personally even putting aside Johnson Lebron I don't even know what the argument would be for Lillard over James Harden for example, I think there's a couple of their candidates who would still be in his way and alerted probably I bet you'd get on more ballots if the if they were turned in after the seating games about these, really cracking that top two interesting. So you wouldn't even put him third right now I wouldn't I mean harden to me scores more assists about the same is. A clear cut above in every one number metric out there his team is twelve games better. I mean to me he. He does so much of what Lillard does but more effectively if we're talking about hardened specifically and that's not even if you know you could get into Luca in this conversation or Anthony Davis in this conversation as well. Lillard is Great I. Think he is well worthy of consideration for the ballot I just don't have quite at that level I guess I'll go deep cut here I think the question. would. Be In a hypothetical world where they still had all season Nurkic Collins Rodney Hood. If they had their team all year that team of Dame Cj Hood Calms Nurk that prions like fifty fifty, five games. Okay. Now years case sermon. BP. But MVP, team on an individual award you got win a lot of games when this war how it is yeah it's a tough ask I bring this up more as a discussion than than really escaping for for Lord for the Award Janas Lebron have both one almost twenty more games. than. The players are this way. So the case that you'd have to make for Dame would have to be the Russ case, right? I. Know We look back on derisively pretty much almost as as the moment when the NBA media just like really lost his way when we voted for US MVP over James Harden. But I just look back at the season in risk saying signature moments. If we're saying stories that defined the season Russ excuse me not only had that six game stretch where he had almost fifty points a game but now he has this. I don't know I think he's very clearly third. If I were to do a ballot today I, think what he's done considering the obstacles put in front of him in Portland considering all the progress that he's made his statistical resume is in all that worse than some of the top guys, I, just I just think. That, he has a case if not the best case I know where is Justin you're putting respect on his name Yeah I I don't know where this is coming from where we're guys are just making things up now to be upset about it seems like there's so. Be Coming from DC. Place in the world where these kinds of magic sleights, major news stories. That's so weird. I don't know I've never logged on before I've never participated in it at all. But it is weird though like it just seems like maybe there's not enough to do in the bubble that we're just like coming up with Straw man arguments for like the little best players in the world to really have something to really motivate themselves against But I will say this the blazers have dealt with significant obstacles not only the ones you mentioned earlier in the season all of a sudden last night after Dame's market performance I was reported out by White James that apparently CJ mccollum has a broken lower back or like. Fractured Vertebrae, something like that which sounds really tough..

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