Rousseau, Paul, WEF discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard - Episode 51: Vince Russo in the WWE


Exactly who wrote a choppy choppy pp yeah who wrote sexual chocolate who wrote me the adbel venus so go look in the mirror if you want to find out you know who is responsible for that and i say that the bench so so uh yeah in the funny thing you know he talks about the dan aykroyd character he wanted to make me that dan aykroyd character is an on air character you would be phenomenal and it it's a great idea on out of a thick i would've so let's talk about this the time that rousseau invited howard stern's wack pack to raw to join the human oddities he says that paul was near a main guerrilla and said vents aegis slapped all the boys in the face coming from bear the hurt not always considered him a friend because he was always honest with me while this time as honesty was slapping my bearded plus but i knew that paul had no idea how these freaks would help change the business and the success of the wef forever it was just another stay each reshaping the industry abbott that's how it was for me early on who is this guy wassi doing this there's no doubt the people were laughing at me at the beginning there's no doubt that some wanted to kill me from the start but at the time i had to stick with my instincts i just knew hours right too short years later the nasima back or magically turning into paths uh what did you think about the wack packed wing involved and the wwf ended you ever have a conversation with paul bear about it.

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