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The AFC podcast is supported by the American Academy of family physicians and by the journal FPM, providing practical peer reviewed advice to help primary care providers. Advanced that our practice patient care and career available in prince and online subscription. Formation is available at af dot org slash f PM. Happy new year. And welcome to the American family physician podcast for the January. First twenty nineteen issue. I'm Steve I'm Joe, I'm Jenna, and I'm Sarah. We are residents and faculty from the university of Arizona. College of medicine. Phoenix family medicine residency today on the podcasts. We're going to talk about de prescribing benzodiazepines, migraine prophylaxis advocacy, urine drug tests, HP vaccine N, P H insulin. And we have a new feature. Our lightning round of AFP clinical answers. The opinions expressed in the podcast our own internet represent the opinions of the American Academy of family physicians. The editor of American family physician or banner health do not use this podcast for medical advice. Instead, see our own family, doctor for medical care. We're gonna start things off with our editorial. From this issue de prescribing is an essential part of good prescribing from doctors feral and mansion from on -tario. So paulie pharmacy is something we all encounter frequently and can be challenging to tackle. It's also something that seems to be more common in our aging patient population. Very true nearly one half of our older adults take five or more medications, an older adults prescribed more medications are more likely to be hospitalized due to an adverse drug reaction. So how do we balanced treating our patients medical conditions with managing the benefits and risks of medication therapy?.

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