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On friday. Really stay with you. Tiffany haddish tika Sumpter Omari hardware, and we'll be Gobert Tanya, she could be a bit much. Why are you keep looking up in a mere for the police catches? Nobody's Fool radar under seventeen without parent. Tom eleven fifty five many marking today remembering the damage from superstorm sandy six years ago. Steven Morelli Commissioner Nassau County office of emergency management. This is a six. Remembrance a six-year remembrance of superstorm, sandy. Let's not look at it as a sombre van. Well, let's look at it. As a progress report to the resilience of the city of Long Beach, and the people that are here. Meantime, hurricane number eight this season forming in the Atlantic. But they say it's too far out to pose any threat to land wins. News time eleven fifty five a may girl luxury vehicles in the hotseat. The federal government is investigating whether German automaker. Mercedes-benz delayed safety recall notices for over one point four million cars a review by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or feels Mercedes exceeded the time limits for mailing letters to owners. The agency also is reviewing the company's process for making recall decisions and notifying the government where savings issued a statement saying it makes every effort to ensure recalls are done in a timely manner and will work with the government on the investigation. I'm Michelle Harvard wins news time eleven fifty six. Now, Bloomberg money watch. Watch on ten ten wins. Not just petting any more pets are big business and getting bigger, for example, smucker the maker of jams folger's coffee and Jif peanut butter unveiled four new patriots, including two under the milk bone brand to beef up its pet food unit. Now, the largest division by sales. Dan, Miller, gabelli and company chairman says all things pets is expanding. And creating opportunities in seventy billion now.

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