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Christmas parade Police chief Daniel Thompson says they will pursue 5 intentional homicide charges in the crash Four women aged 52 to 79 and an 81 year old man died when an SUV rammed into the crowd nearly 50 people were hurt I just received information that two or 48 our children and their critical condition We're also learning more about the suspect Police say the man was in a domestic disturbance just minutes before the deadly ramming Officials say there is no evidence of terrorism President Biden also spoke about this tragedy last hour We're all grateful to the extraordinary work of the first responders from law enforcement to the emergency room doctors who are working around the clock to deal with the terrible consequences of what happened last night The president says the administration is monitoring the situation closely We'll go live to Wisconsin to talk about this developing story with CBS correspondent Bruce Marcus in just a few minutes at two 40 Two 32 now to Brunswick Georgia where the defense is giving closing arguments in the trial of the three men accused of murdering ahmaud Arbery Arbery was chased and then shot to death in February of last year after the 25 year old black man was spotted running in a neighborhood Father and son Greg and Travis mcmichael and their neighbor William roddy Bryan say they suspected Arbery was a burglar The defense attorney for Travis mcmichael who fired the deadly shots says his client acted in a reasonable and legal manner But lead prosecutor Linda dankovsky says these three men did not attack mister Arbery because of probable cause.

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