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Live from NPR news, Washington on trial Snyder, Air Force One due to arrive in a few hours in Singapore where prime minister Lisi and long says millions being spent to host the summit between President Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN is worth it. I think it's a plus. It costs money to put up resources, not is a lot of effort for our security people. There's a lot of effort for comes people as well. While President Trump's airplane has yet to touchdown, Kim Jong own is already in Singapore. He was greeted at the airport today by the country's foreign minister trumping camera due to meet Tuesday on the island resort of cintos. While on the flight to Singapore, President Trump up into the g. seven summit accusing Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau of acting meek and mild only to attack the US news conference. Dan carpenter reports at Trump tweeted that he will not endorse the group's final statement hours after he left the summit Trump denounced Troodos criticism of the steel and aluminum tariffs. He said, based on Trudeau statements during his final news conference and the fact that candidate is charging massive tariffs to US farmers workers in companies. He told his representatives not to endorse the final communicate and to look at automobiles flooding. The US market has not clear what Trump's tweet. It's will leave the latest attempts to find trade peace. But Trudeau's office says, the prime minister has said nothing. He hasn't said before to Trump in his final communique. Trudeau had said there was broad agreement on twenty eight items including local trade, artificial intelligence, middle-class growth, innovation girls, education, and defending democracies from foreign threats. For NPR news. I'm Dan carpenter into Ronco Russian President. Vladimir Putin says he's ready to meet with President Trump spoke today at a regional summit in China saying, he agrees with Trump's concern about a renewed arms race. He was also asked about President Trump's suggestion that Russia's should have a seat at the seven table saying Russia did not choose to leave the g. seven and would be happy to host the group in Moscow. Russia was pushed following pushed out following the annexation of Crimea for years ago, search and rescue operations, ongoing in Guatemala after the massive volcanic eruption NPR's Windsor Johnston reports on more than one hundred people dead nearly two hundred others remain missing. If Waco volcano exploded one week. Ago burying villages with thick ash and molten lava since then, volunteers have been working to provide medicine water and food to thousands of survivors. Now, living in shelters, go to a barrow with World Vision. Wata. Malla says, mental health professionals are also counseling families left devastated by the eruption team of more than twenty people specialize in psychology that are helping to shelters to make this friendly spaces. So children can relieve the trauma of the strategy, but also to work with the parents to heal this this process, the US announced last week. It was sending emergency aid and financial resources to support relief efforts. You're listening to NPR news. The first actress to play a bond girl has died Eunice case in was ninety years old. She I played Sylvia trench and Dr. No, and reprieves the role in from Russia with love bond movie producers, Michael g Wilson and Barbara, but Kohli noted Gheysens bond connection on. Twitter. This weekend gazing began her career on stage in a production of the sound of music. Horse racing has its thirteenth triple crown. Winner justify won this weekend's. One hundred fiftieth Belmont Stakes from member station w. s. h. u. Charles lane reports at justify became a sensation because of his highs and ability to overcome inexperience. Prior to loading into the stark h justify pranced eagerly before the cheering crowd ears prick Dennis shoulder coats, sweaty, deep into the home, stretch grandstands rumbled longshot con hausky nipped at justifies heels, but could never catch up when justify cross. The finish line spectators were seen weeping. Bob Baffert is justifies trainer thing. Everybody wants to see this happen because the he such as a beautiful horse and he's just it's like, pass me to win. I mean, he just so tough and and just you just imposing horse. The last horse to win the triple crown was American pharaoh in two thousand fifteen who was also. Trained by Baffert for NPR news. I'm Charles lane at Belmont Park in New York to Tennyson men's final at the French Open set to get underway today. Veteran Rafael, Nidal playing Dominy tame a twenty four year old Austrian in his first grand slam title match. I'm trial Snyder. This is NPR news from Washington.

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