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Mourners are gathering in Worcester this morning for the funeral of firefighter lieutenant Jason Minard who died after saving two colleagues during an early morning fire last Wednesday a bill that would prevent you from holding your phone while driving could soon be heading to the governor's desk WBZ's James role Haas has the latest on that after years of hurdles a compromise on the distracted driving bill has been reached by conference committee over the weekend Stacey Thompson is with the safety advocacy group level street alliance now we won't hear details of the compromise until later today but a release statement says the new legislation will restrict the use of hand held cell phones while operating a motor vehicle and update existing law regarding racial profiling by law enforcement hi mark RKO voice of Boston radio station in the news update just then I just put it up at the be the wise on Twitter lighting more re tweeted at W. RKO six eighty Massachusetts is set to band called distracted driving do you text while driving yes or no first question second question is why are you laughing second because I have an answer but I will be yelled at if I actually say the answer that's why you don't tax I absolutely textile driving why would you be all that all of us to well you know some people in my family are very very vehemently against it.

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