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Hundred eighty one eighty nine ninety nine and I was just pointing out to you know, how interconnected everything is. And how little revelations continue to come out in the small lead case. It was just a crazy day yesterday. Also, Michael avenue Nadi so avenue gets out and eighty he won't stay out the social media, you won't stay out of out of the interview chair. And now, he's just plugging away. And now, and as as somebody who broadcast in the tobacco road mecca of college basketball here in North Carolina with both Duke and UNC, obviously. Classic programs. Of course, like Wake Forest and others through here. Basketball is kind of a big deal here as C C land. And so there's just this Ray cryptic and Duke. Tweet that avenue out in basically, it's when he was talking about some of the programs that he feels that he's got some dirt on and for those who are not fully plugged in. Maybe maybe you saw some of this. Maybe you didn't you had charges and actual jail time, which this is something that still boggles my mind when it's a dull dealing with adults. But it is what it is over a little scandal with an executive from a Dita's and a would be sports agent. A big time recruit is now in the NBA played for North Carolina State university as well as a bunch of other stuff, the NC double A's just investigating and you know, the a lot of people think that's tip of the iceberg on stuff. So. If I have this is the thing with the avenue dotty thing that I continue to wonder about a natty is okay. Sure. Yeah. So maybe he did try to extort them. But does that mean the information he has is not valid information because just because just because you have information, and and but are charged with extortion for tempting to use. It doesn't mean the information is not valid can be one hundred percent valid. It's about what you choose to do with it. And if you're choosing to use it as a shakedown, which is what they're alleging where he'll keep silent. But only for certain amount of money money under certain parameters. Well, then the government would tell you that that's the that meets the definition. Zyppah pointed out that meets the definition of some of the classic shakedowns. We've seen from people like Jesse Jackson the rainbow push coalition albeit with a slightly different little setup as to how exactly they go about it. Where? Yeah, you're not giving them the money, but you're giving it to their charity, which is in their name. Al Sharpton, the needle pay taxes on it gets really messy. But that's the world we live in. There's a whole lot of selective everything going on. And unfortunately, I think that's coming to play in the minds of a lot of Americans with the that story. Give you another example, you ready? Obviously, you're all familiar with the the the musician Cardi B. Subtle in case anyone out there who she's the chick with the nails and the Pepsi commercial from the Super Bowl. As the best. I can do she used to. She used to be a stripper, by the way. And I don't say that in a derogatory mansion. Title mentioned that in a derogatory manner. The reason I'm pointed out as it comes into play with one of the things she talked about. So. There's a video of her and in the video she's talking about how. Yeah. Back in the day. That's you know, she was a stripper. Okay. And then eventually moved her way up, and then they give your Grammy. I think they even gave her a Grammy. So, and you know, what Merican dream good for her. I got no beef with that. Even if I don't own a bunch of Cardi B's music, but in the video she talks about what it was like back in that day, and she talked about how one of the things that she used to do to get by is she would drug guys in rob them. Yeah. Yeah. Right. I know now I'm not approaching this from a statute of limitation standpoint. But I'd like to approach it from a different standpoint. And that is. Didn't we just get a bunch of do? Now. I understand that the second word start. It was an R word is. Well, but obviously there was the whole idea that you were utilizing a position in her case. She's talking about as a stripper perhaps a tricky these men into thinking that they're going to get that extra champagne room kind of service. And ultimately it was about getting them alone. So she could commit felonious acts against them. Yeah. I can't actually I can't play the audio. So let me just read it to you in an abbreviated fashion. I had to go strip. I had to go. Oh, yeah. You want a blank me? Yeah. Let's go back to this hotel and I drug him up. And I'd rob him. That's what I used to do. How is that other than the fact that she's robbing them and she's not having the sex? She still doing it. She's doing the drugging for nefarious purposes. How is that different? I mean, I understand how it's different fundamentally. But how is it different from? The court of public opinion when you start talking about some of the stuff that we're they're accusing Cosby of now Cosby's much more grievous just in the sheer numbers because we have no scope of what she's talking about. But ultimately, you're committing a felony to commit a felony. It's it's just kind of reversal where the sex is on the table. But it's never to come. So it's for different purposes, they were seeking it out. But ultimately, I mean, that's that's what she's talking about. And I'm not saying they need to go put her in handcuffs in a restaurant necessarily because I don't know the parameters of all of that was somewhat nonspecific. But shouldn't people have a problem with that? I fail to understand the world of intersection. So sometimes I have to throw it out to the audience. So that's what I'm doing to you eight hundred eight hundred eighty nine ninety nine and I don't want you to judge around the fact that she was a stripper. And now, she's an musical artists. You may not necessarily be a fan of. I don't want you to judge her based on the fact that she's had some back and forth with Trump including a somewhat viral forty five second F Trump video. But I continue in amazement where where anyone would point out that that was maybe it's the argument while I did it to survive. And does that negate something like that? I'll let you judge. Let me grab a call. Michael, you're on Schnitt. Go right ahead before I get to Jesse. I was a bouncer years ago in Miami for about six years the crimes that women scams that they pull on men you could you could fill the jail with them. But but most men don't ever seen anything about it. But but the level of criminal activity among the girls is just unbelievable. I mean outrageous things of of outright stealing their belongings black Maillane and getting their their home addresses. And it's just it's unbelievable. Go ahead. Casey. When I was gonna just simply going to say, yeah. And I would throw one other caveat, technically, those guys were leaving to go be in the commission of a crime right because that's correct. Well, you you got me running make also comment on the the the actions of the Broward sheriff's office not with going in the school. But with leading that massage parlor, operate if in fact, they thought were in there. I'm going off in another subject. Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, I want to cut you off. Can you hang on real quick because I wanna hear from the president as he's coming up to the podium. All right here we go Michaels on hold. This is the medal of honor ceremony. Here's President Trump up on the podium along with script by wait for the Lord. My soul waits. I will hope in his word, my soul looks to the Lord more than watchmen look for the morning more. Indeed than watchmen look for the morning loving Lord. As a people we thank you for those who wear the uniform and stand as watchmen devoted in service to you in our great nation. Our hearts are especially grateful today for the courage honor an extraordinary service of one such watchmen. Staff sergeant Travis Atkins a warrior, whose bravery communicated to all the soldiers sacred calling a commitment to comrades in a devotion to duty. Has his actions reflect his love for his country fellow soldiers and a commitment to service.

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