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For your whiskey cavalier update, beep, beep, boop, boop. Thanks, katie. Hello. I'm going to that was. I set it up to do the sentence. You get to speak sentence about the show. Okay. Here we go. It's a haiku. What it's a haiku. I got a lot of a lot of people wrote me on Twitter. Thanks. Okay. Had they had they wanted. They want me to make the most of the sentence. So I decided that the best way to do that would be. So put a haiku multiple sent. I know it's it's one-sentence. No. That's not true. It's three three lines. But there's no like periods. Just because there's no. Five seven. Okay. Go ahead and do your five seven five Jane. Whiskey can be sweet. But Honey is more fiery this week? It was both. I have a note I have several as five eight five Jay. But Honey is more fiery? Also, honey's this fiery. Yeah. You just did a thing. Fi you're re-. It's three syllables. No matter how you say it, you're re-. It's however, many Chen's goes down whiskey can be sweet. But Honey is fiery this week? It was both. Honey, why didn't you just lose? But whiskey Ken be sweet Honey is more fiery, which isn't true. It is swiftly famously whiskey is fiery. That's the if you watch the shame. We don't watch the show. You're supposed to let us know. What happened? I know less now than I did when I started that was your whiskey update. Do what is happening? Let's move on. I'm gonna go ahead and said, we don't have any official pod indoor show business this week. No, right. So it's the teas we're here in the t's. Okay. Dan, the podcast, man. There's so much sports news right now in Tokyo Brown was going to buffalo for a sec. Now appears at isn't Rhonda Rowzee broke the fourth wall and said wrestling fake and scripted Kate Beck and sale kissed p Davidson and public on the mouth at a hockey game at a hockey. Let's let's say new, but we're not gonna talk about any of that. Because ladies and gentlemen, it's third crazy time that was such a good drummer. It was really loud wrong. I broke that Mike on. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's fine. Sorry will Cain. So for those of you that we're not with us those who weren't with us exactly a year ago, this podcast spends the month of March doing brackets of random things in honor of the the trademarked college basketball tournament that we're not allowed to say third month. Crazy time you get it. It comes in between February and April. Yeah. It's third months lack do you know, we just can't say the thing. So that's what we're doing this month. We're gonna kick it off today with the bracket of sports movies, sixteen movies bracket made for us. Did you make it? No Steve made it. Okay..

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