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Yokich. Okay. Which game? Lillard aim, Leonard? Yeah. No, My God. Yeah, he's at home. Steph Curry. Steph Curry. How can you see this is the thing is like it's easy to say, Oh, he's a top 10 player, but then you're like, Oh, yeah, There's a game 10. There's a whole bunch of guys out there that I you know, it's easy to forget about, but he's a guy starting in these playoffs. Who I would have been like, Yeah, He's probably then around 20 top 25 something like that. But he I mean, his game has been elevated during the playoffs. He's on he's on the national map now. When Trey Young is because he's been lost in Atlantic Has Atlanta's been such a bad basketball team, right? And there were no expectation well and look his is what is this? His third year in the league? There was some time where he was. I mean, he was filling it up the statute, but you were like, and that's not a guy you can win with. And I wasn't watching a lot of Atlanta Hawks games. But like watching him now, I mean that kid's a bulldog, and I'm like, Yeah, that's who I want on my team. That's the kind of guy that I want to line up next. J. You played the clip from him earlier. I love how he still is. I mean, it's duties. It's 5 54. No, you still sucks. I have to. I'm contractually obligated to say that, but Dude, you got to give him his props. He sounds grounded. He sounds humble and he sounds thirsty in the sense of like he understands. What is happening around him the young team, they are fearless. There freewheeling and the sky is the ultimate limit. One thing we didn't talk about Kai Jones, the former Longhorns interview today with the Spurs. At the draft combine in Chicago. Welcome. Welcome. Happy birthday to your son, Farris said. That's right. Happy birthday to Ferris going out tonight. Veto have fun, man. I hope there's a large winning ticket already waiting for you. Okay, This will tell me if you if you've read the big casino, Send that get cancer. No, no. Goddamn it. Pretty so, Brandon. Keep them in line while I'm gone. I'll miss you, buddy. I'll miss you sports talk listeners. Jesse, you guys love you guys. So He's a technology another day, another unknown they could bring your biggest order yet, or a new cyber threat. Whatever happens,.

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