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You'll calm down. You'll find ways to connect with the other side of the argument in ways that you never would have been able to if you never got out of that chair. Well i love this. And then and what i like about. I love the physical ization of a different perspective. I also love the term. The big picture. 'cause if you're looking from above if you're going from above you're looking at the big picture look you look at the overview even if you stood from one part of the room and then you move to another part of you move to a different part of the even if you just moved. That would be enough so you really doing role reversal with the people with the issues that you're upset about and you know they always say that life is not a dress rehearsal. It actually is a dress rehearsal. You're rehearsing your emotions. How you deal with your emotions and your thoughts your rehearsing and you always have a chance to practice that even if you sit in one whatever you do just the you have the intention of looking at things from another perspective and making choices about it. I love that. let's call it. The eagle called the big para. I love any size ing that higher order thinking and by the way if you have kids is as great with kids. You can use chalk or if you're outside on the driveway you can have them standard a hula-hoop stand on different pieces of furniture and you can hold their hand. Be safe about it. Kids love this. This is a great way to help your kids in your teens. Exercise that higher order thinking and then shut your tv off for a little while. Don't have the news you know. There's a lotta where the news is like playing around. Take a break and shut it down. 'cause you're not getting the news if you think if you're trying to find out what's really going on you're not getting the news. Whatever network is broadcasting it their broadcasting it through their lens. It's not news and it's addictive you once you start watching you wanna keep watching more so this is not helping you with facts all you can get those from other places. Shut it down yet. Shut it down and you know what if there's big news to you're going to hear it. Somebody's gonna call you. Somebody's gonna text you. You're gonna find out. I want to touch quickly on something you said. Which is the addictive quality. That's a really big part of this. No matter what side you're on people are constantly scrolling through the news through news. Feed to see what now right ooh boring boring heard at her to ooh. That's new and there you get a blast of dopamine. it's it this is. This is literally an addiction..

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