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Was one of those cars I think it was like, where did he come from? We haven't heard from him all day. Yeah, I mean, he started on the front row and that was a while. He told me he hoped the Toyota could get lined up and make dominate the race. Didn't we go? He told me. Well, he did. It didn't happen. What are you doing? You're adding just adding credibility to the show like crazy. Well, we've got time, man. We've got time to Catherine those things now. So it's nice. It's kind of a nice loose situation here. We can talk about it. But yeah, no, he said the key to the race was getting all those Toyotas lined up because there's not many of them compared to the other manufacturers, obviously. So they had to get all 6 of them or whatever lined up. And they weren't really able to get that done. All day long. They just weren't able to always find each other. So the fact that he finished 5th, I feel pretty good for him because one he didn't wreck the car. Two, he brought it back in the 5th and three, you know? He moves on to a track at Dover next week, where he's pretty good. A little bit, a little bit, yeah. Kyle Larson led 32 laps in this race, first top 5 on a speedway. That's a weird stat. Yeah, it's really weird because if you look back to last year's race, he was wiped out early in this thing. And the day was pretty much toast. This time around, he's the only car that spent every lap inside the top 15. All 188 laps, how Larson at number 15 car was inside the top 15 of the race. Never once was he shuffled out of line where he had to fall back outside the top 20. So incredible job by him and I know a lot of people criticize him for that move on the last lap trying to get out there and make something happen and resulted in the last lap crash with Bubba Wallace Kurt Busch and them, but it's hard, man. At the end of the day, he's kind of racist. You have to do something. Especially when you see you're not winning the race. If you're going into the final stretch here and you're like, well man, I'm second, I gotta do something. He pulled out from Eric Jones, tried to make something happen. At the end of the day, he didn't and people crash, but hey, he gave it a shot, he tried. And tried to make something happen. But a fourth place finished. I mean, like you said, first top 5 on a super speed waveform. I'm sure in the closing laps, that kind of factors into it too. He's never been in that position before. What do I do? I'm sure he was. Yeah, I'm sure he was like, well, okay. So a lot of that goes into it too, but I feel like the fourth place finish has to feel like a win for him as well. A lot of guys feeling like they had wins here that didn't win the race, but I think he had to feel pretty good about it too. Mister, I don't know, ask Joe Gibbs, Kyle Busch at number three, who was like 8th going into the final lap there. Yeah, and he's lucky to even be there because he had the contact with Christopher Bell coming off pit road. That was that. That was very strange. So there were three Y with Noah Gregson leaving pit road on the final pit stop of the day. Yeah. Makes contact with his teammates. Teammate goes around and Kyle Busch continues on, but I thought for sure he would have lost some momentum and just had some issues based on that. Maybe even some damage, but he got lucky and was able to contend for the potential win here. I don't know where he came from in those closing laps, but he was right where he needed to be and got a solid podium finish there. Now Austin Dillon at number two, yet again here in the top ten top 5, but he does well at these kinds of races. In fact, he's won these kinds of races. Yeah, he has. And for the three car, this was their second, second place finish of the weekend because Jeffrey Earnhardt finished second in the Xfinity race, but I don't know what it was about this race. Yeah, I didn't have him pegged, even though he's won Daytona 500s and stuff before. I've just, I don't ever have him pegged for that, but they've been very good this season. Had the third place finish in Martinsville second place at Auto Club speedway. Now you have a second place finish at Talladega. That's three totally different racetracks. This three team is coming to life pretty good and on a day where his teammate Tyler Reddick had a really bad day with engine issues, the three cars still kind of carried the flag and showed the RCR is still very, very strong. So maybe I need to start kind of expecting more out of Austin Dillon each week because for whatever reason I don't go into a race weekend thinking Austin Dillon's one of the guys I should be picking commonly I've gone with Tyler Redick is a guy, but maybe I need to really start looking at Austin Dillon. Let's head to victory lane now where watermelons were flying everywhere. Drivers popping up out of the roof and all kinds of stuff. Ross Chastain, of course, has got to be the only guy that fits that Bill. Second wind of the season and his career after deleting just one lap of the race, the final app. Watermelon was smashed. Yes, he popped out of the roof hatch. Let's hear from Ross. Does not seem real at all. I keep waiting to wake up from this dream. And it realized it's all not what I thought of what I think I'm living. But I've got great groups of people from track house on the competition and the business side to the business side was my family. People in Charlotte and around mooresville that keep reminding me and keep showing me that this is real and we talked about it. I talked about it earlier. You were sitting right here and this spot, like I'm right where I want to be and I have the people around me. So they keep me remembering and they keep reminding me. And they keep pushing me to make this the best we can make it. We're not resting on any of this stuff. And by Justin said, I might not be quite as sharp in the morning to get to work on Dover, but I'll get to work on it at some point tomorrow. Carrie, what? This car was the exact car he wanted coda. Wow. Two different kinds of race tracks and stuff. That's right. They took this car to a road course, you know, three, four, maybe 5 weeks ago. Won the race there. Take it back to the shop, strip it down, get it back together, and it's winning Talladega just like a month later. Wow, that tells you something about the next gens. It does. This thing is so versatile. You can literally take this thing anywhere, it appears. I don't know if that will ring true for the entire duration of this car being a thing. But the early portion of things, if you told people going into it, you could go from coda, winning that race and take that race winning car at coda. To win the race at Talladega, I think a lot of people were like, yeah, okay. How about track house racing though? It even had Dale junior kind of wondering, um, maybe I should go cup. Dude, you know? They have made some waves really fast. Now obviously they've got pit bull. They've got a lot of marketing partners now they're jumping on, left and right. But at the end of the day, you gotta win. Exactly. And if you looked at what they did last year in their first year, they came out swinging, and it was like, holy crap, this team, you know, a lot of people thought it was gonna be a joke, but when they came in, they had speed immediately with Daniel Suarez, and I was like, okay, well they're on the verge here. Now they've got Chastain. They bought the Chip Ganassi racing operation, got both charters and all that stuff. And they have really, you thought they came out swinging last year, they have come out guns blazing this season and my goodness. Ross Chastain has gained just incredible amounts of confidence. I don't know what it is. I don't know what he's been told by Justin marks, but he looks totally different this season. I like Justin marks. It was either a tweet or Facebook from victory lane on Sunday to the carpool lane with the kids on Monday. It was pretty funny. Yeah, no, and that's the cool thing that I like about track house as well. So even though they've got like Pitbull, the worldwide superstar and stuff, it just feels like a fun family atmosphere still. With just the marks and everybody that's involved there. Heck, I'll be out at the local store down here. Harris teeter will be getting groceries or something. You'll see track house employees walking through with their track house shirts on and it just feels like a nice family thing. I just feel like they are all normal people..

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