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We don't have any indication off any schedule. Nothing. I don't have anything. I covered the bears for ESPN. We have the memo that was sent out in terms of how they might look at media access with media. People being grouped into different tears, you know? Here, too, would have access to the building. Tier three would be ableto watch practice but not have access to the building. No interviews with players face to face at all. You get the head coach, but from a distance a socially safe distance. We are so close to camp, supposing to be starting And nothing is set. So how is this all going to come together in a couple of weeks, my friend I I just don't know how it again I hate to be so. Pessimistic on this beautiful Saturday. But, you know, I just would feel a lot better if we had some sort of concrete plan already in place. But the NFL, like most sports just doesn't have that right now. I asked Sam Macho, You know, he's an NFL free agent now, but a part of the Players Association on the third of July when I was working with Clinton Yates, I said, Well, what's the plan? For the NFL, he said. Oh, there's a plan. There's there's plenty of plan in place for covert 19 and I did not see any concrete plan that was offered by the NFL at that time. You know, the NBA's got 101 105 page plan. I didn't see that for the NFL, and I know that there's some some bullet points here and there, but it still comes back to common sense, right? As much as you and I would love to be able to see football, you know, even supposed to be where you are right now. You should be someplace sweating, getting ready for for a training camp getting ready to be ableto Tell us what's going on the NFC North. And here we are wondering what the NFL is gonna look like Corbett, 19 is here and it's a real thing. It's hard for me to envision the NFL first of all having no preseason games. That has to happen because no matter how many zoom calls you have, there has to be some kind of physical physicality. You have to be able to touch it. It's one thing to know the place, but you have to be able to be physical with your teammates and physical with another team to get yourself ready. And the other another thing. The other shoe to drop here is where these games will be played. Will this beam or like the college plan where we see just conference games? Where, where? Where teams not traveling as much Will it just be in the area. Will they have to redo the schedule? There's a big question marks that I do not know. All we know is that Koven nineteen's a number one storyline, right? Now for the NFL. Can they adjust or will they do what they normally do and say, You know what we know, covert 19th out there, but we must have our football The way we know our football teams will zigzag across the country. I don't know if that's if that's even possible. You talked about it. You have to touch to play football. I mean, baseball is even from the youth standpoint. No youth. Baseball is happening across the country. In most states, kids are out there playing having a great time in baseball. It's a lot easier to socially distance unless you're bad. If the catcher's right, Anya, But usually you set the catcher back. You have the kids like half the kids in the dugout, half the kids outside the dugout. There's a way to make that work and be as safe. It's not 100% fail proof. But to be a safest possible. We talk about football. There's no getting around the contact of football. Now They're trying to talk about some, maybe some equipment modifications, but the players aren't really that hot on the idea of wearing masks over their helmet bars. There's some shields they've been working on, but nothing has come to fruition yet. Football is the sport that I'm worried about the most just because of the nature ofthe game. You know in Illinois. The high school teams Jonathan were supposed to buy now at this point. Supposed to be able to do some touching during drills. That hasn't happened yet because schools were being forced to cancel their camps and their football summer camps because there have been positive tests popping up. One here. One there, one here one there that shuts everything down. I just don't know how I know that they're going to do everything they can to make this happen of all the sports football. Those owners are going to try to make this happen. Can you do it safely with that many people in the building every day interacting with one another. And can you really won a football team? Like you mentioned. With guys not being around each other. That's just the game. It's not a socially distant sport. Moment short, very clear that Jeff and I'm not giving you the doom and gloom scenario. We're telling you what reality is. Reality is that as much as we are looking forward to an NFL season, I still Jeff is something we gotta hammer here about the travel situation. The travel situation was not a big story line. Then when we resume the MBA season, there would not be a bubble in Orlando. We just pick up the regular season the rest of the regular season and the Lakers will be playing the Nets and you know the Poland Trailblazer will take on Houston, and we just would do what they normally would do. But there's a reason why That there are 22 teams that are together in Orlando in a bubble. And so when the NFL starts again, this is all predicated on numbers and covert 19. You mean tell me that the NFL players are going to be going across this country back and forth on a plane like you normally do, and also in these random hotels. The MBA players are on the bubble sequestered. How does that work with the NFL again? It's just one day. It's just for you know, a week, one week to week three, but still that's still a big question. Mark. You think if you're a member of the Bears, and you look at the schedule and say, Oh, Going to Jacksonville this week. Oh, we're going to Florida to Jacksonville. I don't think many of them even if they live in Florida permanently. That's the residents. I don't think they're too hot about that idea. What are you going to do? You can't take a bubble with you. You can take precautions and they'll try to take precautions. It's not like everything has been set up and you're on your own little island here. It's not how it's going to work, and that's just that's just one part of it. You have to bring all these players together in have a training camp. Talking about 80 90 players with depending on the number they keep now for training camps This year, you could say, well, only 40 Khun B in the building at once. Well, that's still a huge amount of people. And you don't know where everyone is being. You don't know what everyone has been up to. You don't know Here's the thing too, about this disease. As we found out, Jonathan people do their absolute best to follow safety protocols. And sometimes they still test positive. So how do you know? I think this is what about attempting a tempting fate as much as we love sports and would want to see sports on the landscape and have our usual sports calendar. Until when the other side of this This is that these are just big picture questions. Is the NFL prepared to have tohave these bubbles all across the country for you know, from Buffalo to Seattle, are you goingto have bubbles? You do that, like the MBA has it in one city. It's it's a It's a big thing. It's a It's a big question. Mark and the physicality football tells me that the more that you touched the more that you could. Be open to positive tests. And if there's some big players are going to be out, how long will they be out with 14 games are further 14 days that two weeks And plus, sure, I mean, and who knows how many players you lose per week? You could be going weak, the weak But this might be the first time in history that the third string quarterback actually matters in the NFL because you're third string quarterback might actually have to play..

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