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And you can tell dirty jokes if your daughter's friends are in the house to just to embarrass her arizona it's all in chapter one embarrassing your child which is also chapter's two through a hundred well there's a lot of chapters in this book well it's it's really more of a multi volume set robert carrow road it and see now that we know we know about bill cosby i guess you can take over the dad humor is the mantle and you can start doing all this dad material now i mean i think i'd eve barry has that walked down the earth i don't feel he talks about dad stuff so much as a man does crazy thing what two names tours young ray romano note suri ray romano has it locked up if you ever seen the video of him performing at the white house press dinner is doing his regular routine sousse of at house kid's dream about candy like no latch terrific because it's like this is not the material that's gonna hit well with these washington insiders these beltway boys come on your they don't have children they reproduce with spores they reproduce through leaks um so this is a podcasts where we watch a bad movie fuck weird he started and then we talking about and hey guys we we're just coming off a run of real finds shows we did some light shows recently and now we're back to do in the podcast the way we do it nowadays which is you in brooklyn new in los angeles and all of us tired yeah it's real weird luckily we watched a bad movie the got us all fired up so now i don't know what else what are we when we do on his fight guests i said it already have you ever if jesus now so i don't know and elliot watch this movie you watched movie recently stewart yesterday i watch this what we were going to record this the pullback the curtain a little bit we're going to recall in the house me as you find that the curtain on me taking a shower yeah we're going to record this of los angeles but you through your back out so we couldn't recorded there.

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