President Trump, Saudi Consulate, Saudi Government discussed on 24 Hour News


At the Saudi government had something to do with the disappearance of journalists. Jamaca Choji members of congress are calling for sanctions President Trump says you'll speak with Saudi Arabia's King. Solomon about the latest reports the Washington Post writer in US resident was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey for responded. Julia McFarland has the latest according to the Washington Post. Turkish officials claim that they have proof audio and video recordings of the murder inside the consulate the post quoting a source saying you can hear his voice on the voices of men speaking are you can hear how he was interrogated tortured, and then murdered survey. Video shows men removing boxes from the building shortly after that would have happened. President Trump was asked about what should happen next in an interview with CBS is sixty minutes airing tonight. He said Saudi leaders as of now deny it every way, you can imagine. But could it be them? Yes. There's a lot at stake and. Maybe especially so because this man was a reporter is something you'll be surprised to hear me say that there's something really terrible and disgusting about that. If that were the case, so we're gonna have to seize we're going to get to the bottom of it. And there will be severe punishment. Shoji was an open critic of the Saudi government, President Trump's corporate business ties to that country are now facing increasing scrutiny wins news time four zero four remember that jacket? First lady, Melania, Trump war to a visit to family detention centers in Texas that got a lot of attention written on the back of the jacket where the words I don't really care. Do you with the letter U at the time her spokesperson said there was no message intended there. But Milania now admits there was I wanted to Dacca to go on the plane off the plane, and it was for the people and for the left wing media criticizing me, and I want to show them that. I.

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