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You can't beat that deal. Okay. Let's see some segments. Thanks again to JJ watt. Everyone maybe tweet them and say we loved you and part of my take, and it would be really awesome. If we did the watt verse PMT challenge, and and his brothers and Hasbro. Definitely would be nice. Yeah. Nice. Hey, guaranteed enjoyed the JJ watt interview. We did. Hey, derek. I hear you're having a kid, and you're the favorite son now, tell JJ open Kisner something bigger than sports. No. But I'm saying good. He's the most he's the favourite son of the family. Okay. So the walk brothers verse PMT. Hey, JJ, don't just say loved your interview would would love even more to see the brothers verse PMT or what you do is. Maybe you tell TJ and Derek that JJ committed them down with that going. So we'll yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. So look forward to that. That's definitely happening okay segments. Trouble in paradise Boston, Celtics. Oh, hang. Hake as I talked about who's back the week and more of a Bruins guy. Anyway, so the what is going on with they lost to the Lakers than a really bad team. That's basically just treated everyone in trying to tank it. Blue twenty six point lead and Marcus Morris after the game said that's team isn't having fun. It hasn't been fun along time team is bunch of individuals. They're not playing like a team basically just called everyone also calling Brad Stevens out a little bit brassy coaching job. Yeah. And I actually reminded Hank. Remember last year, we had the fun embrace debate. Would you take Brad Stevens? Lebron james. Yeah. That was good one. Who actually might have Brad Stevens to just say LeBron? But what what's going on give us the reason? Like tell us what's going on. I don't know. I mean, I wish I had the answers for you kyri got injured again. So that's the thing is like curry very always gets injured. They're very strict team Keri got injured. You would think that means it's going to be bad. But the Celtics are probably going to go on a winning streak now with like Tatum. What about the fun part? There's Gordon by bet you think Brad Stevens do that bring out the Gordon Bombay bring out a beach ball. Like remember have fun guys. They're not as. I mean, everyone knows that Tatum was doing a lot of work with Koby in the off season. There was some articles about Kobe talking. Jalen Brown the off season tell them to worry about himself. So it's like it could be like Kobe trying to infiltrate from thin. Great mama move to basically, take down the Celtics from from mentorship. Rivalry continued. You gotta get yours. You gotta get yours. I always get yours. Now, do you like ending kyri say like the best teams are Kobe told him that the best teams have some internal discomfort? How many so basically he his advice to kyri was like act like a dickhead? Yeah. And then that way everybody will hate you. And they'll have somebody to unite around hating school. Lebron how many people Koby mentor a lot on the Celtics. I would never I if I played in the NBA, I would never take we've Bryant's mentorship. Seriously, because I knew that at the end of the day. Kobe does not want you to be better than he was just trying to get his he's still playing defense. Yes. It was obviously an awful loss. But everyone knows that the season start till after the all-star and Kyrie said they. The senior leadership. This Morris is trying to like get the guys fired up. God more so than I think there's a real problem. No trouble. So panic button one to ten to. That's it. Yeah. One is the one is panic. It goes now ten is an eight. Oh, well, Jen Tam. Holy. I'm not word. I'd be worried not worried at all at all..

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