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And this isn't new information on three college coach sam by before they re slice going now before you go to match up and everything will be kind of like a test. You a everything about them. What they don't like to do you had then he goes sometimes kover scouted for coach. He my blah you go up there but natural player. He might pick a big for me. You gotta everything. And he don't like to do. don't lie. We do like to do so if lake nona today accent laser player but i started off in college enough definitely to have in the league. Next love become started off a little bit in college. Low bit wisconsin force. And all that but then you also see how they react. You don't forget that so when you're in that that that gladiator fit and he's in new during the test your opponent. That's that's the other way to go at it. You study them but they got to study you to see what they know about you key working on your game like you said last night at the gym. So there'd be someone again like when training like you know like most of the trainers now right. No knock on them but because they've never actually made it to the next level most of them. They don't really know how to train train like they don't know how to like really like mimic what you actually go through. So you know it's like a summer comes and you guys are just training okay. We were to two hours and who got a good workout but did that two hours actually better than what you need. You know working. Like i remember. We remember josh josh. Hart right he said. Luke walton told them. Hey you know. We're going to put you in pick and rolls and do this do that right. He's spent the whole summer peaking role in understand his angles. Little gets fire. Fogel comes in vogel comes in. He's corner guide and he's like well. I'm calling.

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