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The dokan information you can look back at least two three thousand bc the two different groups kept all this solid straight for thousands of years independently of each other now for them both to be telling us that got up from a non him in soared either they both miss remembered that peace in the same way somehow mmhmm or out there they also remember that peace correctly and we have to allow the possibility there could have been employed do they echo anything that might be in the bible as well genesis yeah a lot of the lot of the root of the government's dame information um one way uh the i'll bet you references pertain to the jewish bible which is the old testament so yeah there are a lot of a lot of references that tie back import uh biblical got pipped for me tends to be a little bit on the new side uh i'm i'm looking at three thousand bcm before and the biblical references there are almost three thousand years later lurch granted with us his do work is seeking their primordial exploriing rude concepts of cosmological creation talk to us about some of the creation issues you talk about in the book well this all comes out of a philosophy how somkiat this is the underlying philosophy of all the traditions in india um that a christian the buddhist hindu traditions all come out of the same cosmological philosophy and it was a companion peace to yoga and this parallelism between the two yoga is sort of the personal attention side of it and uh trump is the cosmological over universal offensive had of it and uh that in that mindset universes army impairs routinely form impairs and one non material and one material and according to tom care and according to the dog and where the fourth of seven pairs of universe and there's uh a cycle of energy the scrolls manama trudeau side to the material side that as essential for life for the universe as the water natural water cycle is for life.

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