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The Blackpool police department has responded. Thank you for everyone. Speedy response is we've investigated. This matter thoroughly, and we have confirmed that David Schwimmer was in America on this date. We are sorry. It has to be this way. We We would have. would have. David schwimmer. This is the. Blacks keep this is black PO police have you been anywhere NIA one of corner shops or anything like that can't say, Bobby. Would you say your please do it? What is the front of the Blackpool police have you been anywhere and they went on about corner shops. This is Bobby calling. British Bobby in daddy gates. You could do a lot of races one of the voices. Can you do? No, we're not going to stop here because I do them under pressure to do them. So David Schwimmer has responded by social media. David Schwimmer is on Twitter us at David Schwimmer, aka shwim, you want to hear his response. Yes. I'm not sure if dandies we'd be able to hear it the way that we have the setup. Let's let's say here's. David Schwimmer is in the supermarket carrying beer. And he ran past the security camera. It was actually pretty good. Yeah. So good job, David Schwimmer. But it seems like that he really doesn't have that much going on. If you take the time to maybe Tyson should take over Schwimmer's, Instagram. Oh, maybe I can't. But he got a hundred over one hundred thousand likes on that thing. Pretty funny. He recreated the exact scenario and ran past security Kim's actually the same way. It was good. Yes. He says officers ice where it wasn't me as you can see I was in New York to the hardworking Blackpool police. Good luck with the investigation hashtag, it wasn't me. Nice. Very good. Yeah. So that's what's going on how many Twitter followers. Do you think? Here's a little joke. Guys. I bet he has. Three point five mill. Nope. More. He's going to have six point two million six two. Walian? Okay. What do you? What do you think Danny one hundred ten thousand give it The Danny four hundred thousand who do you think has more Twitter followers, four one hundred thousand than how come you got one hundred thousand likes on that that's a quarter of his he's only following fifteen people. Do you think that five of the fifteen are the other friends principles? Let's see. Okay. I don't think all of Betty's. Now. I don't think he falls a single one no way Betty following. Is on Twitter if I guess. Matt leblanc. Got him. Courtney Cox got her then they were the top to at least a coup dro-. Got her got her. Okay. Jerry, Matthew Perry's. Oh, wait, hold on his on there. He's right there. Go down right there. And then Jennifer Aniston's too big to be on Twitter. But I called it anyways. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I was wrong. He follows Ellen Degeneres probably hoping he can get in one of those motives. Motives that are separate knowing. Yeah. I bet like un-filed load. Matthew Perry on whatever it'd be like a story. It would Schwimmer on why back story. Why don't we just break it? Let's Matthew into account. I saw one of the. What's his name? Matthew perry. Yeah. I saw him in L A once. So did I Tyson in a in a vehicle vehicle exactly together? I they we're headed with the tar pits. Yes. We were. He was in like in an Audi out of here. That's right. Right. Yeah. And you look just as depressed. Life. Said it was this right after Joey didn't pan out. I think it was. No, it was just Matthew Perry being bombed. He gets about everything. He's not like a wet blanket. He's just like nothing can go his way. Yeah. Except for one of the biggest television shows ever that he was apart. And he had a good run. He had a you did I mean for his talents. He definitely had a great run. Yes. Okay. This is a story in our health news. This is the FDA has made a move to. Reduce the size of the standard issue. American prophylactic devices, Danny oh my goodness. All right. Who's bringing down the average? We need to shame them. According to this story that I'm looking at it on the Daily Mail dot com. The average size of the prophylactic condom device is six point six nine inches met..

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