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To deal with the started their their bullpen fantastic we we understand that get the at the starting pitching the goal a try in an up that to where they needed to be two to go with it the hit i mean it's ridicule us well did give us to think about the sticks they have i think edouard oprah's use that word perfectly what a gift now anything a lotta people a lot of people on baseball not just in miami now i think a lot of people that aren't yankee fans feel like they got a gift and that's going to be an interesting dynamic here that that is going to have to play out because now when you look at this john carlos stanton aaron judge gary sanchez and didi gregorios last season those four players combined to hit one hundred six nine home runs every single member of the red sox combined did honored sixty eight this is the kind of firepower talking to pass it is i mean it's it's insane and it's somewhat young fire power yeah that yeah y you're exactly right i mean and that's that's the thing too i mean we talked about this earlier stanton is only the third raining mvp winner to change teams in an offseason one was barry bonds and 92 when he left the pirates to go to san francisco and the other was house rodriguez when he had his two hundred fifty million dollar contract and left the rangers to go to the yankees what's happened three times and two times out of three it's happened to the yankees are they've they've they've gone onto the yankees to just for eight sanchez's 25 pdi grigoris his twenty seven obviously judge he's young he's only 25 as well i mean it it it it's just crazy the youth they have on this theme rilya's sarah judge got into this he he tweeted at giancarlo out stanton abut line for a it's a little clip a gift from up a stepped up rather and this is the one best friends yacht pretty much water that is though i mean if if you're an era judge okay you like dude i may hit seventy yoga protection is everywhere right now so i mean that lineup is crazy and then my trout are also at quite a weaken on friday he learned.

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