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Fucking black mirror assode man did you ever see black mirror i've seen a couple of i don't remember that one there's one called hang the dj which is about like using an app to find love fascinating watch it if you have all right i will since we all do mad yeager and she no marsters she no she no princess of power wasn't she the princess chino for instance she was 'cause sheera i'm sorry wrong shoes cousin geno mad says listen to show for what seems like forever yeah just tonight sir many years of funny fucks thank you so much yeah we're coming up on eight years eight years on this show what is that that is august i think august twenty second you need a fucking hobby sir got somebody knows really august twenty second that's when i date actually rings about i think that may be our eighth anniversary comes up today's march seventeenth is so in two days it's march nineteenth you're good nothing gets past you know the heart attack heightened power but march nineteenth in in catholic world is saint joseph's day if i remember correctly yeah oh my god what we twenty five years ago on saint joseph's day we started making clerks no way anniversary of shoot up starting to make the flick my mom remembers it because she wrote it down in the calendar she's i kept putting it in the calendar like like it became a holiday like tigers started shooting clerks kinda sweet so yeah we're coming out it's twenty five years ago man on that day if i went back to jersey and stood in that fucking same place in time maybe we overlap in the time streams and i could fucking see on kevin he could see me and be like how did we get so fucking fat like i'd be like stereo away foam cheese stay.

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