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Signal support for Austin's plan to enforce the mask mandate. A rabbit has heat. Some praise Austin's way, telling Mayor Steve Ather he appreciates the city's efforts to adhere to his executive orders. Although he does tell Kay X A N he wants businesses to stay open and operating. Even if Austin's not a fan of that plan, so people can go to their jobs are a paycheck and put food on the table. The last thing that we Can and should do is to close down the while. Abbot is the final authority on the shutdown and not Austin may around. There also believes Abbot will support the city's plan to find you $2000 if you caught not wearing a mask, and that will be discussed today at City Hall, Patrick Osborne, NewsRadio Kaylee Jayne Austin Teachers are being told to refused to teach on campus education Austin areas These employees union is demanding the district close off campus is for nine weeks due to Goa, 19 rather than open up schools with limited capacities. Union. President Kinsey's office says infections are problem as it is without opening schools When we're not even open, the school's haven't even opened up and we've had 500 quarantine boys. We've had 15 worksite. Close surfaces, asking all teachers to refuse to show up on campus work, but instead continued to hold classes online. John Cooley NewsRadio Kale, BJ, Texas Republican Party will challenge the mayor of Houston, He canceled their convention that was set to start next week. Party chair James Dickey, the Republican Party in Texas, received the letter canceling our 2020 We're about in Party of Texas State Convention and we will pursue all legal options possible against The city of Houston and Houston. First, Montgomery County is now offering to host that Texas GOP convention. The CDC has guidelines for opening the schools. But President Trump has some objection is a nationwide fight over where students will be learning in the fall. President Trump wants them back in the classroom. But there are many local officials who say it's just not safe enough. President Trump tweeted quote in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries. Schools are open with no problems. The de mes think it would be bad for them politically, if U. S schools open before the November election, but is important for the Children and families may cut off funding, if not open. The president also said he disagrees with CDC guidelines for reopening schools, which he calls very tough and expensive. 7 33 Now here's Austin's on time. Thick with Patrick Vanda. Hey, no major accidents right now. Just some delays..

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