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To be a man then what are they going to turn men into what do you think is the alternative if masculinity is a problem then one of these guys going to become may related story democrats losing support of millennials this according to a new reuters poll reuters is panicked over this democrats are losing support among the millennial block of voters survey found that forty six percent of respondents said they would vote for the democrat candidate over the republican in their congressional district that numbers down nine points used to be fifty five percent said they would back democrat announced forty six percent reuters noted that support for democrats is particularly fading among white millennials while forty seven percent of white millennials said they would vote for the democrat candidate in two thousand sixteen only thirty nine percent said they vote for the democrat this year what what what does that do to the blue wave because the millennials are supposedly going to be leading the blue wave here young people fed up with trump fed up with trump is fed up with rampant masculinity as personified by trump this poll was of six thousand millennial voters it was conducted online from january to march of this year so if those e them for the democrat party is waiming among millennials i wonder why that would be why why would this be happening is if the tax cuts are working is it reality of some kind that perception of reality is setting in has the boost and disposable income affected the thinking of indoctrinated millennials are they exhausted after two years of hysteria brought to them by late night comedians and social media could it be that two years or a year and a half of threats and panic over what's going to happen because of trump isn't happening i don't know asking the questions open ended louis can take a stab at why it's changing but that's for later the fact that it is is noteworthy on another companion story a rebirth of self reliance food stamp welfare medicaid disability roles are all dropping under trump the department of agriculture which runs the food stamp program by the way the food stamp programs real name is the supplemental nutrition assistance program and the.

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