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And now bobby and steve duly. The dooley's and the bobby still the bobbie dooley shows. Thank you very much margaret and it's spotty story. I'm very sorry you're didn't have your mouthful ezekiel. Wow okay thanks steve honey. It's zucchinis. Not zucchini has a slight. When you say zucchini. No there is there's a slight residence of filth on now for some reason i think of urination or something but aw i totally understand welcome ladies and gentlemen to the bobby and steve duly show the bobby daily show a lot of people think think that's redundant but i think it further reinforces the fact that it's the bobbie dooley show but also bob duly steve dooley's. Here's komo names steve. My wife is bob bobbie dooley. I love this song. Let's listen showing this holiday for strings and it's being done done by the voices of allure while hulu. It's hawaiian the voices of the voices of walter schumann. I'm sorry sorry hawaiian. No that wouldn't be all right steve so you heard it before we were able to announce it but we knew fully in advance that general show was walking off offer the saturday cinema and would no longer be on the show. I believe that we're allotted or should be allowed some equal time so as for to talk to you about why we essentially will be hosting saturday cinema again this weekend but i know mr henry has made a final determination on that had told us that we go ahead and we'll host another saturday cinema this weekend and also we want to make sure that the lady a longo these are the wild women young women have long ago. We wanna make sure the way while all the while robert the wild women steve steve. Can i help out chris is it's going to be no. You can't help out the wild women wando. We're going to do a new voice to that's gonna come up after the podcast today so so as not to interfere with the podcast that we're going to do right now and <hes> certainly while i think it's worthy to included in the podcast. It's gonna be different. Podcast also joining us on the program. Today is chris. Norton has a filmmaker and chris. I know that you do a lot of of of adult films but as a filmmaker you know the troubles tribulations you know it's you know it's pretty hard to keep it all together. It is pretty hard to keep it together. I do adult films and that makes it doubly hard because as an adult filmmaker the the temptation is not just to make the film but to leap into the action. Do you have to be an actor when you do that. Do you have to be in the cast. Well not not if you're the executive. Get a producing producer and which is what i am on all my dull films and i see the action getting pretty hot. You know i'm just gonna i'll tell i'll start to take my underwear and just say look somebody else. Catch the scene for mental hand a megaphone over to bill biff cock or tad dockings and who are those guys those assess their assistant directors so those hand the megaphone..

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