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Bowl eighty percent of the people today born after the Kennedy administration and we want those people to be as galvanized as I was I remember watching it and the president Kennedy's words and deeds have inspired a generation they can inspire the next generation in Dorchester Chris Paul the WBZ Boston's news radio and now to Lynn fields where the rotary club is teaming up with the local fire department on a program that should result in fewer doors being bashed him by EMTs responding to a medical emergency more details from WBZ's Carl Stevens let's say you have a medical emergency dial nine one one but by the time the EMTs get there you can't make it to the door so they have to knock on the door and less you've got this lock box the lock box is a must box used to provide quick access to your home by the emergency medical technicians run block is past president of the Linfield rotary club there making these available free to anybody eighty years old and over twenty five Bucks for Linfield residents between sixty and eighty the master key would be kept only at the local fire department the EMT people have a record of the box and its location so they know on the way they know exactly where to go to get in quickly Brooklyn field Carl Stevens WBZ Boston news radio a new Bedford church breakfast turns quite ugly after a woman allegedly bites and throws coffee on another woman Susie under Costa is now facing assault and battery charges the two women had a brief verbal exchange the lead to the alleged attack right around six thirty Saturday morning dacosta admitted that she hit the other woman but she says she did not start a fight he's got two months until she's due back in front of a judge it is one thirty eight over not a Bloomberg business for check on Wall Street in business news here's Tracy junkie Tina Amazon prime day might be attracting some commitments focus internet searches for the key words cancelling Amazon prime spike to yesterday the first day of prime day and the search engine monitoring firm cap device says it suggests shoppers are signing up for prime just for the discounts and just for the day and if the morning making way for games and new records it was the wall street's playbook yesterday and it seems like a possibility now the Dow is adding two points to its record yesterday nasdaq down twenty three SMP down seven points I'm Tracy junkie Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio sports on the way sellers of professionals face special challenges in divorce court in addition to everything else going on they have to contend with allegations that they are earning more than they are coupled with claims on their business or practice itself attorneys CPA Joe Cordell an effective defense often hinges on sophisticated strat Jeez strategies relating to income tax projections business valuations spousal support claims clients with assets depend on their divorce lawyer skills in these matters and that's why it's so important to hire someone that has those skills.

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