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It is the ugliest damn thing that I've seen. It's not mine. It was here, it's called its name is bob, and it was here when I started working here and when I walked into the building first day and I said, what the hell is that? Because whoever stuffed it did a terrible job. But apparently what had happened was somewhere along the lines. There was a marketing director who said, we need an animal to be in some of our product photos. And so they got a hold of this stuff bobcat and then never did anything with it, thank God, 'cause it wouldn't have went over well. But now he lives above my desk and he's a great conversation started as somebody walks up like, what the hell is that? Chupacabra doing up there. So we've got a couple of them in the store that came from the farm that we live on. Yeah. And they're great. They're a great conversation starter, because they lead us right into, how did you shoot that chaos? Well, let me show you. Absolutely. Well, hey, do me a favor real quick. We're about to wind up here. So what I'd like to do is just give you guys an opportunity to let people know how they could find you. What's the easiest way to check you guys out where you located social media's any kind of plugs you guys want? Go ahead and shoot them off. Yeah. I would say the two places were active the most would be Facebook and our Instagram. Both are just country act treasures and on our website is WW country attic treasures dot com. We do our best to keep the website updated, but it's a one man team me who I do my best to keep it updated, but even that just represents a small portion of what we get in. We just we like to show a little glimpse of some interesting things that we get in the store once or twice a day while we're open and we don't we won't overrun your feed. Tell them just a quick story about the one we get in today the three barrel Parker that's yeah, for example, this is the type of stuff we like. We get it, you know, we work with pretty often. I didn't even have the chance to look over this much, but this is an original Parker or is it reproduction? It's a real challenge. It's an original that is a full gauge 20 gauge 2018. 28 and 14 combo. It's just a 20 and four ten combo, but according to one of our employees, who's a real Parker historian, he claims that there were only 47 sets of four ten barrels ever made by Parker. This happens to be one of them. So being a part of a full set with the original case and with the gun and tremendous condition, you know, we're looking at something pretty serious. We haven't put a final price on it yet. All right, let's do it right now. What's the price? Let's do it right now. It's an excess of 20,000, I think. That's not that's not putting a price on it. But leaving it open so you can gauge interest. Well, look forward to look it up in the coming days or so. We'll most likely be able to post that. No, I'll have to look that up . That sounds pretty cool. Very cool. All right, well, oh, real quick..

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