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And then there's a lot of people that really really dislike java script and so people are excited about wasim for different reasons right but some people who are really into go a really into rust they're excited because they think i may never have to write java script anymore and you know some people may think the russ community is trying to like replace java script but you know you don't need it anymore you need rust but what i'm hearing from you and from other people mozilla is not really that that's not the story here there's more to it or it's nuanced what is the story with like this interrupt and making them almost merge that you guys are trying to do as opposed to just say hey we can just use web assembly we don't need javascript anymore well there are a lot of things that java script does really well and it does it without increasing the barrier to entry for new developers and so we don't want to tell new developers oh you have to go learn a language that might be more difficult we want people to still have that easy on boarding ramp so java scrip gives that and they're also just a lot of places where java script the performances fine you really don't need to have a really fine tuned level performance we think that having them work together better is really the answer not saying we're going to replace this really easy teams language with some know with a host of other languages that may be harder to use also there's just so much innovation that's happened in the java script ecosystem because of this low barrier venture you have all of these different ideas that people you know one person will create a library that does something cool but maybe not in the most efficient way and other people will jump in and help them make it more efficient so i think that we really want to capitalize on all of that innovation that's happening in the java java script ecosystem and make that available to people who are coating in other languages make it seamless to integrate with those other tools so yeah what progress has been made there and you know what is it exactly does it look like the interoperability between the two so you can use the best you can use a russ with it makes.

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