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Back to my conversation with Andreas Santana Poulos. What's your opinion on a theory of two point Oh and house taking will change interest in eighth as money. I think if theory. Has Been Migrating towards proof mistake for very long time, and that's one of the reasons why criticizing this proof of work system doesn't really make sense because. It's just an interim system i. don't know weather proof of stake really makes the theorem better money i. still think that some of the design trade offs required to run smart contracts platform that make either a utility token for the explicit purpose of being used as gas to meet her the execution of smart contracts. All these things involves some pretty fundamental design trade offs, which in my mind don't make hear him primarily sound money It can have the function of money also just like gasoline can yeah, sure you primarily use it, put it in your car, but you could build on on the ground thousand gallon tank and use that to barter and the apocalypse. But that. Might be and some people are I'm sure hoarding gas or being. That doesn't make those things money. Even though they have value. So. And again. I have a similar opposite impression of Bitcoin, which is that Bitcoin isn't a good platform for smart contracts and that's a good thing because it was never meant to be and should try to be because everything that it does the be sound money kind of undermines instability to be as far contracts by form and vice versa, and these compromises serve a purpose. These offs serve a purpose I've talked about this extensively. In a video I called the lion, the shark where I describe these types of diversion pollution where you have a crypto currency or blockchain that is an apex Predator within its own domain of applications, just like the lion as a Apex Predator in the Savannah, and the Shark is an apex, Predator, the ocean and kind of comparing them or trying to apply the framing assumptions of one on the other doesn't make sense..

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