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Start at Churchill downs where number 14 seal beach drew in off the also eligibles list in the tenth race and got the job done seal beach a three year old bake hole by midshipman out of the union rags may fairway luck. Owned by three diamonds farm trained by Mike maker, Louis sias aboard seal beach who paid 1198 6 76 and four 76 second 7 Angkor 1412 and 8 ten third was number three Kapoor, 7 34, fourth number ten milliken, $2 exact a $140 72 cents, 50 cent tried $222 13 cents. The dollar super paid $370 and I'm sorry, $3703 and 40 cents. Over at dalmar results for race four have just gone official and there was an inquiry in the race and there was a disqualification in the race. So first of all, the unofficial order of finish in race number 5 was 11 one three, with number 11 sunshine babe, holding off the favorite number one Carmen Miranda. But the steward saw something immediately. And the inquiry sign was put up before even the unofficial placings were put on the board. And when they showed the stretch run the head on view of the stretch run, it was pretty obvious that sunshine babe, number 11, who was in front and being whipped left handed by jockey Hector barrios came out one or two paths and made contact with the runner up number one Carmen Miranda. And they bumped pretty solidly. Now it wasn't only a nose victory and you can say that flavian Pratt never stopped writing on Carmen Miranda. But it did look from the head on shot like she was bumped pretty strongly and at least jostled, if not knocked off stride. The stewards decided that there was enough to make a change. So the winter sunshine babe disqualified from first and placed second and that elevates the favorite Carmen Miranda up to the winter spot, which let's face it makes a lot more people happy. It may not make you happy out there. And if you're spreading and pick threes or you were against Carmen Miranda, obviously you're not real happy about it. But the plain fact of the matter is that when favorite twin, more people win, and more people are happy. And it's all about the churn. Okay, so number one Carmen Miranda crossed the wire second, placed first via disqualification, three year old dark Bayer Brown Philly by Stanford, out of the tribal rule mayor Miranda rose. She's owned by Nick Alexander, trained by Phil d'amato, flavian Pratt was aboard Carmen Miranda, who paid four 63 20 and two 40. Second number one sunshine babe crossed the wire first, dequeued and played second, $7, $5, third, three, four 80, fourth number 6 don't Jew forget. Exact a 27 60, the try $36 55 cents. The dollar super paid $231 and 30 cents. All right, so by the way, they are 16 minutes away from post time for the Clark at Churchill, which means if they ran exactly when they were supposed to, it would go at 5 58 Eastern Time, which means we are not going to be able to cover. We will talk about it. I'll tell you what's going on at Churchill downs as they get closer to their featured event. Of the day. I can tell you right now that rich strike is 6 to 5 favorite on the board. Second choice is number 7 west willpower, third choice my top selection number one proxy everyone else is a big price as their 15 minutes away from post time for the grade one Clark. You may remember this race last year. This was the race that godolphin and the connections of maxfield ended up skipping the breeders cup classic with the Clark in mind all the whole time because they desperately wanted to get a grade one victory for maxfield. Maxfield is a stallion now that godolphin owns and it certainly means a lot and certainly means a lot going forward when it comes to breeding saying that you're a grade one winner. And as good as maxfield was and was powerful, he was. He had not been a grade one winner at that point, and they decided, look, we don't want to, we really don't want to run in the breeders cup classic and even though there's a chance, you know, we think that he has a chance against horses like nicks go and a central quality and hot rod Charlie and Medina Spirit. He certainly not a cinch by any stretch of the imagination at the end. And very likely he would need a pace scenario to go his way. And it didn't turn out that way anyway last year because Nick's go just blew to the lead and that was all it was. So they decided to completely forgo the breeders cup classic and I guess it's easier to do this when money is not as much of an issue to you as it is to others. And they pointed for the Clark all along and they got the Clark win and maxfield looked good doing it last year completely different circumstance this year. We have a high profile horse in rich strike who of course is this year's Kentucky Derby winner who supposedly was never looking at the Clark or at least once they decided that they were pointing to the breeders cup classic was not thinking about the Clark and it wasn't until shortly after the breeders cup classic that the connections Eric read specifically and his team said, hey, he's doing pretty good. Might as well run in the Clark. He loves it at Eros that they're at Churchill. It's a grade one race. Probably not the toughest race against older horses that he's ever going to run. So we're going to run them. So that's where we are with 13 minutes to post. We'll keep you updated as we get closer to that. Update speaking of updates. I want to update you right now on the current odds for this

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