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He's buried alongside the monument there's marble slab that almost all of his skeletal remains are buried underneath. Do you think the plaque? I'm assuming there's a plaque the mom you should be rewritten. At some point. It's a hard thing to say what what should be on the plaque because at some level. There should be an acknowledgement of intersex. But also his accomplishments for not that he was intersex is accomplished. That's that. He was Casimir Polaski the guy who created a really really functional American cavalry at a time when this was like, cutting edge technology, and was this charismatic leader that inspired lots and lots of people around him. Him. Maybe it's just a PS at the bottom of the plaque. By the way. He was intersex. It's. It's kind of a thing because you don't wanna plus story just to be about the dinner stack because that's really most of his story. That's just kind of like this extra little tidbit. But, you know, this is also this tidbit that might completely cast a different light on aspects of his story that we haven't really thought about or haven't really looked at in such great detail in examining his biography is maybe you know, we could or should have in the future Virginia Hutton mess brook is an anthropology professor Georgia Southern university. She's been speaking with us about Polish-born American revolutionary war hero, Casimir Polaski. Thank you so much. Great to meet you gosh. My pleasure will. Thank you fascinating. Discover there and that's the world for this Tuesday from the nanna Bill Harris studios, a W H in Boston. I'm Marco werman. We'll see back here tomorrow. Our public radio international..

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