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So he's taken island park and he sees the clansman are all huddled together in the middle of the park and they're surrounded by mounted cops who are all facing inward meaning there watching them not protecting them uh and so the clansman all looked bummed out and he's like what you guys not the day they're expecting it all right and dc is fucking furious and then he looks up in the students are all gathered on the bridge overlooking the park it it looked like they were definitely not going to allow a parade the way they were behaving in stevenson yelled that he wanted to see the police chief for the mayor k just yelled it out and then one of his little clan minions ran off to make it happen hasn't lately lots of air good to see you a reporter walked by and stevenson grabbed him hey given the mire quote the city county officials have utterly failed to protect the law abiding clansman in south bend and it's a is there a harder group the victim i like self victimization of the qalandya like you buddy you're lucky you're alive all the time every management oh that's lucky they let me get away with this attitude now i don't know what they're thinking and he said of the reporter of the american flag is being trampled upon in the streets of south bend reporter asked evenson if he would have a parade in stevenson pointed at the cloudy skies and a little bit of drizzle that was following and he said quote i am cancelling the parade because of the weather not because there were got their ass kicked a student at out it's drizzly and emma boys don't have their warm come face in robes they we we did not bring our waterproofs we did not break ponchos we did not bring backups so he said mark my words though we will at some future date a prayed in south then and if necessary we will call in the us army for protection which out said a word on the other that work and weighed lag they army hello army yes it's the klan uh now we would like to marjayoun scream about blacks and catholics and immigrants some wonder if we go luma help sorry can you hang up were trying to make another call.

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