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Everyone at your office was laid off except for you. Yeah I work for a company that supports construction workers, and we I do the processing for warranties and the entire office, except for myself is laid off. A while and the construction workers are so important right now. They need all the support. They can get so I'm wondering Tony. How many people listening right now are going to same thing where they are the only one left in an office for twenty or thirty people. It's got to be very strange for you how you dealing with. so it's kind of a bit of. I I duNno, it's kind of weird. Because I just retired from the military after twenty years, so I have that paycheck. And you know I do this now and I see people who don't have that back. You know that support and it's. It's kind of tough because I know. There's a lot of people here living paycheck to paycheck. And you know now. They don't have that and here. I am the newest person on the job and I'm still here with a job. And, it's just it's kind of sad when you get to know people when become friends with them, and then you have to see them go all. A lot of people going through that right now, not only. From your perspective, but the other one people get to know people at work, and they are their daily friends and connections, and then they have to leave them. Listen Tony all the best to you, and if you do have any any connection with the people that you've lost it, company tells them that we were talking about him. And then we're thinking about them, and we're hoping that everything turns around and gets better for everyone okay. Absolutely lovely guys. Thank you all right, hang in there. We'll be in their office with you now. We're working with Tony in his office. We have our own desks looking at I line. Two thousand four is Santa. Santa I saw your. Post yesterday. Do you want to share the story with what happened to you? This is great. Hewer I would love to I went to winn-dixie at about seven am I wanted to get viscerally? Yes. It is in new, Orleans and I wanted to pick up a book of stamps and I'm still working. Thank goodness and I'm working from home so I scooted it out early and I picked those up and I went in, and there was somebody at the door handing out. He's was up paper, and it's act of kindness. And he said hold onto this and give it to the cashier. Do not lose it. So I had on my mask and Mike well and I was trying to grip the paper and usually I would throw something like that, but I thought. Maybe it's something where the cashiers because they're still working, and you know maybe a little coup for them so I was so happy to be in there because I missed my co workers I worked at Tulane University on I. Miss The students. I missed my co worker so I walked through the store, and I'm saying good morning to everyone there, and it was just mostly the work people at the time and. It was great to see all the groceries there, but I didn't really need them, so I did pick up some twelve grain bread and some mill, and actually some wine to and when I asked the cash. I forgot to mention that in my post, but I went up to the cash register, and there are two people. They're checking me out. And I was the only one, and they were seemed confused, and it was a small order. That's okay, you know I almost forgot the stance. Then I threw that in and so I was just waiting and happy to be out of my house, and finally one of them looked up and smiled. As I took out my debit card. You don't need out today. I said what and she said Tyler Perry bought your groceries. And I was just. This story you were telling earlier Danielle Tyler Perry. Bonds your wine. You're twelve grain, bread and your milk. School why didn't you? Which wrong with you? But. You know what I I didn't even care. I didn't even think that because I actually have a supply of groceries coming in today, some another grocery store, but they It's just the fact that. When you're living alone and working kind of alone, except for zoom meetings, you know I. I am originally from Massachusetts so I was missing and homesick for my three children a lot during this period and I've been here about eight year so. Well and and have somebody do that. It just felt like you know you're not forgotten and wait a minute. Hold on time out time out once I. Are you a tyler? Fan, are you a fan of his well, yeah? Actually I am out. My my children are for sure. Well, that's great. Well. Listen, thank you for sharing your story. I saw it. On on the social, so yes, we do look at our social media from time to time, and we found a story like that. That's incredible. Thank you so much, Santa, can you Imagine Santa? Walk through I don't pay for that. Tighter. Payers got that move along. Start taking. which.

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