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Cuomo, Everett, Bellevue discussed on Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe


Not using proper safety reporting channels and that his actions contributed to fear and anxiety in the midst of a pandemic that report from Cuomo's Jeff pose let the right were three thirty for an update on that every ten minutes on the floors in here against marina rock injure well we had earlier problem northbound I. five in Everett approaching Pacific Avenue that's exit number one ninety three it's cleared but it's slow traffic from seventy fifth to that same stubbornness you insulted on highway two affecting both directions at sultan basin road it was a truck hauling a modular home it looks like the modular home had partially come off the trailer so we got a mile a couple mile backup but each direction of highway two again or sultan basin road it's still slow southbound four oh five in Bellevue but improving from Southeast Asia to I. ninety itself an I. five is tough for the U. district into downtown Seattle from some earlier issues as well this little traffic is brought to you by audible audible's here listen to new releases every in every genre discover why millions of people are listening on audible every month find out how to get your first audiobook free at audible dot com your next call much traffic at three forty four here's your como eco roof forecast with como meteorologist Kristen Clarke remaining unseasonably warm through tomorrow before we see cooler weather this weekend looking at today's temperatures to be in the seventies and even low eighties in the central south sound region despite those mid and upper level clouds just dimming the sun shine ever so slightly below for temperatures tomorrow.

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