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Happy Hump Day, Everybody working the situation with Michael Brown on Kelly news radio. So since we last visited There have been a lot of government documents that were obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request. You know hundreds of pages. And they appear to confirm what many, including Senator Rand Paul have long argued. And that is that the National Institutes of Health was actually involved in funding. What's called Gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. You know that lab You know, the one that released the coronavirus blag upon the world. Whether by on purpose or accident doesn't make a difference to me. They they screwed up one way or the other. But here's what I find interesting about this treasure trove of documents that I've fully kind of been digging through. They run exactly opposite to what Dr Anthony Fauci is repeated claims that the NIH was not involved in advancing gain of function, research and move on. Yep, just as a reminder gain of function. What is that? It's where you take an existing virus. And you manipulate that virus. You change despite proteins and you you do all sorts of stuff to the to the DNA, so to speak of of the virus so that it becomes more highly transmissible among humans. And more easily infects humans, so that when those proteins that make up the virus When we inhale those or get those into our system some way. They are more likely. Two cars. Damage to us. Then if they were just left alone. Gain of function. It's an incredibly controversial Research because what you're doing is you're you're, in essence, in my opinion. You're creating biological weapons. You're taking something that naturally occurs. You know, it's interesting because Since they had been a Corona virus and the disease, which is Covid 19. Everyone's kind of learned the name coronavirus. So many people learned that when you looked when you look remember back at the beginning of the of the whole, the whole covid pandemic and everybody was buying up all of the Senate. The sanitary wipes that you can get the Clorox wipes. Because people started reading what was on the ingredients. And what you know there was 99.9% effective against something and you'd read the label would say effective against coronavirus is you see Corona viruses have been around Wilson C open, simple since the beginning of of time. Rule of viruses or anything new Covid 19 is And what these documents seem to indicate. Well, I wouldn't say a thing. I think the documents to indicate Despite the fact that Tony Fauci The director of the National Institutes for Allergic and Infectious Diseases, which is part of the NIH, the National Institute of Health. Before Congress. Remember he had that little that little rumble with with Doctor Doctor Senator Rand. Paul and Dr Paul accused Dr Fauci of engaging in gain of function research and Fauci told Rand Paul A doctor that he didn't know what he was talking about. Within Rand. Paul went on to explain exactly just as you know, pretty much layman's terms like I did what gain of function is and Tony felt she denied that that's what it is. But that is indeed what it is. There's a professor of of chemical biology at Rutgers by the name of Richard Ebright. When he read all these documents, he said this. The documents make it clear that that assertions by the National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci that the NIH did not support gain of function, research or potential pandemic pathogens enhancement at the Wuhan Institute of Urology are simply Untruthful. Yeah, you know. I thought country boys might say untruthful. You mean you lied? You just lied about it. So it was back at that congressional hearing back in me. When Fauci said that categorically The NIH has not funded gain of function Research to be conducted at the move on Institute of Virology Fast forward to July. Senate hearing. That's when the testy exchange occurred between Senator Paul and Dr Fauci. In which Fauci called Grand Paul the senator, a liar for daring to suggest that the NIH had indeed funding gain of function research into back Corona viruses. That's at least twice now. At least twice that Tony Fauci has lied to Congress. You know, every time I think most people would I know that Congress lies to us all the time. But when we appear before Congress in the in the hundreds, maybe thousands of times that I testified before the United States Congress, the House or the Senate. That was always incredibly careful to make sure that I told the truth. Because You know, I was one guy Undersecretary of Homeland security that had you know small staff, Relatively speaking in Washington. Congress, on the other hand, has staffs of thousands. To pour over every single word that you might utter To find one word, or you forgot to put a not were not should have been and Ah ha! See you lied to Congress. And goobers like me would be held accountable. Dr. Fauci not so much. I think you ought to be fired. I think he should be fired. But he won't be So this professor at Rutgers went on to say that these material show that the 2014 in 2019 G to echo health, which subcontracts to Wuhan actually funded gain of function research. As defined in federal policies in effect at the time and potential pandemic pathogen enhancement as defined in federal policies, in effect in 2000 and 17 to the present. He went on to say that this had been evident previously from published research papers that credited the 2014 grant and from the publicly available summary the 2019 grand. But now, he says, this can be stated definitively from the progress reports of those two grants. And he says that the documents proof with the NIH system systematically thwarted government oversight. And I think, Dr Fauci Was the lead obstruct er in that regard. It's the situation with Michael Brown and Tail Way news radio. Let's go to Dave Hunter and get some traffic.

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