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CBS news special report ceremonies are, underway in, the rotunda the Zona capital where the remains, of Senator. John. McCain lion. State father Edward Reese gave the invocation loving God See or tears for our brother Our, father our husband our fellow citizen our Senator correspondent Nancy Cortes is there Arizona's governor Doug Ducey called him Arizona's favorite adopted son and noted that he was nearly forty five years, old when McCain moved to Arizona the public will be allowed to pay respects. In the rotunda later this afternoon Cynthia is one of those who lined up early represented us as being a hero and just a just a loving man who cared about everybody. And was so dignified and everything he. Did McCain died Saturday at age. Eighty one CBS. News special report I'm Jim shanavie it's two thirty to nineteen people are being treated after they. Showed symptoms of apparent drug overdoses, at a Jalen chillicothe e Ohio inmates guards and nurses were given, Narcan to counteract any drug exposure Jona Aisin is reporter. For the chillicothe gazette the initial exposure could have been, smaller and, then I know, people responded to help those initial folks in trouble then more people became exposed but exactly how that exposure happen has not nor do we know exactly what they were exposed to, we understand it was one inmate the rest are guards and nurses. Officials say. There is no danger to the public for the second time in a week body parts have been found in bags in a Bronx park police think the body parts are all. From the same person are Mike sugarman. Has been talking with people in. That park they. Come in pairs sometimes in big groups teens moms and their kids they want to use the. Swimming pool ear.

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