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Not just your I'm GonNa Pass. It ought that I look forward to going to the podium at media night on mundane saying you know what I wish for you all to call us the gold crush. We gotta get it passed dude aboard. What would we support? Who's the board WHO's the the entire D. Line so both of opposes not going to go with a Michigan Guy? I'm screwed unfinished. Just because it's coming from for me just won't do it on principle that that might be. That might be true but we'll see all right. How's he been neck? What's he added to this? Mix Brother He's he's he's been phenomenal You know what I mean as a young guy you forget that. He's a rookie. Honestly the way he carries himself he prepares themselves for the game I mean he's a he's a true pro and you know it's great 'cause because You know I I could still learn. Learn things from him on a daily basis. You know what I mean and you know we just like the you know run and ideas by each other. He's open book so is everybody else on the line and To to have a player like him and his caliber. You know in our group. I mean it's it's a blessing man The to have you know him and D. Eric Solomon We can go a whole list of names on the the line. You know what I mean. you know everybody is comfortable with each other and you know we can run ideas by each other and we just played for each other so is this is a group all around deforest buckner here on the rich Eisen show and now comes. What a challenge for you in front of you in Patrick Mahomes who has just a few days left as the reigning? MVP of of our league And his ability to stretch a play and then throw to virtually anybody at any point on the field. If you can't get to him in time I wonder what you think of this challenge in in front of you with him. No Yeah The guy's a superstar A He has can't afford an arm. You know really accurate of obviously consider anywhere on the field and His ability to extend plays as you know on a whole another level so you know as a group we gotta do a really good job with containing them in the pocket Kit And really getting through Murli and also rallying till you know all the screens and you know the quick game that they do so we I just need to be on our PS and QS And also just contain the speed that they have you know receiver. Obviously there. They they have a lot of weapons on the outside. And you you know I am I running back. So we have a really good overall job with containing their speed role prior to this Obviously you had Lamar Jackson in your sights earlier earlier this year and I imagine that was a challenge That I'm would you say similar to the one. I'm I'm wondering what what what you take out of that experience. It's Yeah Lamar. Obviously he's a whole another speed. I Different different playing styles. You know what I mean. There's he's more of a collegiate running back at quarterback you know what I mean is different game plan. You know especially dealing with that type of offense but I mean you could take things away with with you. Know obviously trying to contain them in the pocket and And all that kind of and in that sense so and his ability to extend play so we still similar traits rates but I feel like a different different type of player. While it's definitely the the offenses are are in different parts of our football universe in terms of of their Styles and strain and ability to put points on the board. They both can do that. They just have different methods in which to get back to that spot. I just wanted to just try just a mere aspect of when. Can you hit a quarterback or not like. Is this guy a runner were not and and and Mahomes is run at the end of the first half against brightens. It's been put in front front and center. As as the latest example of defender sender not really wondering when you can hit a quarterback or not and suddenly. He's twenty yards down the field. I wonder what you think. Yeah no exactly you know. Hopefully as he watches film throughout throughout the past two weeks leading up to the game you know you can see that with our defense or I've We're pretty fast defense. And we'd like to swarm and you know and watching. I'm watching the film. He would he would take a financial decision in running out of bounds or sliding. I love the way you just put attack you. tiptoe down that sideline yourself with your words right there that was nominal their business decisions that you and the rest of the gold crush ashforth see how I used it in a sense right there exactly. Yeah that makes sense right. It didn't it didn't sound okay So when do you when do you I guess. Get into film room. What your schedule this week can you got? We have a pretty normal week. I mean I'm watching. How many there watching watching film today? Yeah you're already there. Oh yeah they. They got it uploaded on our IPAD. So this is so exciting. I mean I I'm glad that you you and your your family or are situated already in the logistics or handled. Because that's for the twenty years. I brought close. I've done this. It seems can really turn some people around so you you know and then now you can just focus on everything. This is exciting for you. Perform let you go Justin her we saw what he did in the Rose Bowl. How effective effective you think he can be at this next level as we turn the page towards the draft for thirty other teams too far? I think he's A. He's a great quarterback. He he is the size. Is You know what I mean. he He has the legs Late talent and I mean he. He has a candidate for an arm. So I honestly think he he would do really well at this level and you know obviously hopefully A team to help them develop as a player. And you know. I'm I'm excited to see where he goes in the draft. Yeah I'm I'm I think you know He's got all the talent in the world. I just figured you know you WanNa talk about a another duct before I let you go. Thank you thank you for the time to forest. I really appreciate it. I know you got a lot going going on you spinning plates now and they're getting ready for your biggest game of your your life in your career there. Good luck in it. I hope I cross paths with the down in Miami. I really appreciate the call. I appreciate that having me again. Rich right back at you. That's deforest Buckner at deforest buckner on twitter. Love that Guy Twenty fifteen he. He and his teammate. From Oregon went ten picks apart in the first round in two thousand fifteen first round picks deforest buckner armstead instead. Go get them. Put them on the defensive line and then actually armstead was in two thousand fifteen and then buckner in two thousand sixteen and they hit them both back to back years and then buckner was taken four picks after Solomon Thomas Remember Salman Almond. Thomas was John Lynch's classmate when Lynch went back to school thornton melon and they were together in Stanford man the Forest Buckner and then Solomon Thomas. Those are three years in a row. Armstead Buckner Thomas and then boasts of the Ford. That to telling you man. That's the Super Bowl is about. What's the contrasting contrasting styles? Well what the niners can throw A to. It's just they choose not to or they decided they didn't have to or they saw that things. Were working so well I mean just when you look at San Francisco you feel like they play an old school style of football a run it really well and they play great defense that chief Sir like like a video game but the chiefs played pretty good defense to now. I mean. Obviously if you'RE GONNA be choosing a tale of the tape which teams defense do choose. Obviously obviously if you're going to choose a tale of the tape in which teams offense you're gonNA choose right you choose the chiefs right but both of them can really the maneuver the football and scheme their way into the end zone with some seriously physical players on the forty niners side of the field in terms of Kelsey Chelsea on the chiefs side of the field. The chiefs can just run right by you but you feel like the chiefs could hit a home run any play but close whereas you don't really feel that with San Francisco but they can you remember that story. Kettle said going in the week the one then I guess the the game which he had like almost two hundred yards receiving or something like that. And he's going to the week Shanahan's like you're going to score a touchdown on this play all right this week. And he did from like seventy yards out can score from any point on the field all of a sudden but I think people have question marks about Jimmy. Jean being able able to win it again. This I'm just telling you Mann's I'm formulating my story lines for the week. One I think is going to be who is is Jimmy G.. Not like as a person but the quarterback because they didn't they ran it twenty eight times out of the final thirty four plays after. He threw an interception reception as the Vikings and he only through eight passes in the NFC championship game. But as you will find out Chris there is a child like element in calling place. What do I mean by this when Jessie tuggle. Oh Brockman is old enough to reach the buttons on an elevator. Okay and you say. Press the button. Jessie Tuggle Brockman and Jessie Tuggle. Brockman hits the floor. Say floor too because it's lower. Jessie Tuggle Brockman will hit that button. Ninety Times in your life gets good. We're good we're good we got it. It's it's good. It's lit that was Kyle Shanahan with the run game in the NFC championship game. I'm just going to keep hitting that button because it's so much fun button. All I love hitting this button and your lights lit and your kid will look at you and go right. That's why I'm hitting the button. That was Shannon comb the place in the NFC championship game with the running game. Why would you stop hitting the button when it's so enjoyable? Hit that button. Even though it's lit I get it but I just casual fans..

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