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As embassador to sweet in basser to the united kingdom he also served as mexico's deputy foreign minister andres roy hinson thank you for joining me here today thank you having us as we are sitting down here in our studios in new york for our chat diplomats from washington and canada and mexico or seeing down in washington dc for the ministerial level resumption of talks on nafta this a lot of speculation about how we might get in agreement in principle sometime this week certainly us negotiators are calling for getting an agreement in principle quickly because they hope to have a vote on a revised nafta by the end of the year by the us congress so may have given with you andrea do you see in agreement of principle emerging in the coming week i don't jim and i don't really because there are still too many substantial issues that are not resolved the ministers have spent the last month more or less dealing with almost a single topic which is the rules of origin in the automotive sector a very complex technically difficult issue on how to ensure that the automotive sector which is the most highly integrated sector in our three economies is able to continue to keep regional content for what we produce the other issues which are still pending in which there really have not been many discussions on at the ministerial level are issues of dispute settlement investor state dispute settlement that's chapter eleven of nafta and then the other parts of the dispute settlement procedures and chapters nineteen and twenty.

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