Donald Trump, Mccown County, Barack Obama discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - 10-06-2017-073143


Begrudgingly voted for donald trump because they set himself you know what scored i'm gonna make more money he's got my touches i can i can live with them and i think now a year into his presidency a big chunk of those people while willing to possibly sacrifice of bucket to from their pocketbooks because they can maple i actually people i talk to the business owners i talk to say false demag navy the markets do and great back and more money than ever public and walk into we think we knew we were we knew he was a little wacky when we voted for him but this is exactly what swing the democrats i'm seeing a little bit of a screw it you know what an awful of hillary i'm gonna make more money yes republicans put those does swing democrats that moved over i see so in them just that wavering because there's just there's a there's a human being has something to that tiny i was actually in a bowling alley and mccown county a couple of weeks ago actually we're here there that's why all the time out one of the guys jal he fellow voted for barack obama twice and then voted for trump i took his number we we talk to you know about he felt that this congress was obstructing the president but on some of these cultural issues these swing voters were never comfortable with the president his tweets his his comments about women these things always made them uncomfortable and i called him after the nfl staff and he was angry and i think some of these swing people who yes they want him because he's a businessman because they'll do things for the economy are turned off by.

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