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But it's coming from a television station in Seattle KOMO TV. And a reported by the name of Eric Johnson. And he's actually done a couple of these. But the latest version of what's going on in Seattle is titled Seattle is dying. It's written and reported by Garrick Johnson. And it has a lot to do with police who say that the city's lax enforcement policies have tied. Their hands citizens who say they're fed up with Seattle ficials doing nothing about theft and other crimes that they associate with the homeless includes comments from local business owners who feel frustrated, but what did describe as a lack of action, and there's video clips of people who appear mentally ill or altered altered. I guess that's drugged drug as they slumped on downtown sidewalks or scream at passersby in a note on the KOMO website. Johnson writes Seattle is dying. It is a harsh title someone on social media even called it a hopeless title. I'll admit to you that I wrestled with the name for some time to dramatic. I wondered too dark in the end I went with it because I. I believe it is true. I believe that Seattle is dying rotting from within. And he says it's actually part of the part of a trilogy. The first report experience homelessness from the inside out the second was about the hellish existence of heroin addiction. And this one is about everyone else citizens you don't feel safe taking their families downtown parents who take their children into public parks filth degradation theft crime. So we'll play you some clips from Seattle is dying. We'll start with the reporter Eric Johnson talking about a homeless guy. And then you walk down the street, and you see a wretched soul like this consumed by demons. Maybe madness maybe drugs, maybe both. This is what suffering looks like this is pain ranting and raving screaming silently coming completely unraveled before our eyes. And then tomorrow you'll wake up and relive the nightmare all over again starving. Eating trash from garbage can look at the people walk by. Of course, they're not shocked. How could they be? They see it every day. How can this be who we are? How can this be what we allow how did the word compassion? Get twisted into this.

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