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They might put them in a defense to now he's, he's gonna have a great game. All right. Let's go to our picks. Are we making picks this week, we'll we're gonna make pixes week, but we're gonna. Let NAT tell us right now. He did in week one. All right. So I'm just going to start off by saying, Joe, I'm really disappointed in you because last. Our entire Tomahawk squad with six correct picks out of fifteen. That's the reaction do my reaction is I'm glad it didn't bet on all those games. Thank God, her I'd be broke. I give us the rest of the results net sell. The winner of this week's Tom hawks squad picks was producer Chuck. Actually, he got eleven out of fifteen picks correct. All right, we got. I don't know if the listeners know check. We've gotta give Chuck nickname, how shall code? Is that now? Okay, we'll we'll keep. We'll keep brainstorming. Who else we get a second place was served the firm's arm with ten out of fifty six, correct saw. And then we had a tie with NF Diene hawk nine out of fifteen picks correct. And then me second to last I got eight out of fifty tracks, but at least I wasn't last like Joe could be worse. You could be the person who gives detailed analysis when every part of the game. And then picks everybody wrong. Geez, Joe, your deficit, what we'll be doing this all season. So you have a chance to come back. Are you gotta do is get them. All right. Next week. All right. Well, instead of doing picks just put our picks on social. Let's just do a lock of the week who's everyone go through? That's here on the broadcast. Now there are lots of the week Joe, you go. I yeah, I, I think that's a good idea. So my lock of the week, like I mentioned before, I think the chargers are really going to have Buffalo Bills number. I don't think Josh Allen is going to do much as a rookie. He's one of the most inexperienced rookies that's going to be playing probably the most inexperienced, and I think you're going to see that especially after what happened last weekend. And I think the chargers are a pretty good football team. Philip rivers is always putting up good numbers. They've got a pretty solid offense defense. And I, I think the charters are going to win. So they are my lock of the week over the Buffalo Bills how you got firm, who's your lock of the week. All right. So I'm gonna go with Jimmy Garoppolo and the forty Niners who are going to down the Detroit Lions who are on. I think they're on a stick. If downward spiral, I do not believe in the Detroit Lions, and I think that the forty Niners coming off a loss of the Vikings where they left some plays out on field. They had a touchdown pass out dropped. So they had a lot going on where I think they're gonna put it together week to play much better. So my lock is the forty Niners over the Detroit Lions. My lock of the week is going to go to the Cleveland Browns. Now people are gonna call me crazy, but I'm going with it because to watch what Ryan Fitzpatrick into that defense. And I think that the the Browns offense is more talented, the Tampa, and I think the defense is better. So I think drew is going to be in for Ruta rate. Waking me and Joe were part of a week to win against the same that we're going to keep tradition going here on the Tomahawk. That's my lock of the week net. Give us your lock of the week, and we got to come up with a nickname for net. We can go with no face net. Bandwagon net has been kicked around. She's not a big fan of that, but we'll let the listeners anyone listening, submit some no face net bandwagon net, whatever the nickname is for. Submit them so we can kinda kick him around and take your boat. Menchu's take Tomahawk or go to at Tomahawk on on the Tomahawk show on the Twitter Pige. Yes. So my lock of the week and it's not going to be like this every week, but this week I'm going with the forty Niners because, oh stuff. Of of how Matthew Stafford played in last game. I don't have much faith in the lions, so I definitely think we're gonna win..

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