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K L F. Forget to mention something else to from last night's coast to coast. And by the way, if you are a coast insider, I strongly encourage you go back and listen to those first couple of hours easy to link up. Find out more at the website coast to coast, AM dot com. But last night. We did almost the entire show without internet. We were I was unable to connect to the internet in the studio from which I broadcast which isn't far from where George and Tom have been all day. But I we had no service. So we had to do it the old fashioned way. Which is the IFP, you know, that little devices in the years of people that when you see them on the air and they're holding their finger up to their ear. And so that's an IFP. And and so we had almost all show an ISP where a Dan Galanti would be talking to me, very slowly. While the guest was talking and relaying information to me without interrupting the guest. So that I knew what was going on was tricky. But you know, it's like it's like one of those movies where you have to talk through the landing. You have an inexperienced pilot map to land, the gender, whatever. That's exactly what it was. So thank you again, Dan for being so helpful. We do have internet service tonight that you'll be able to tell the difference. But it was it was interesting to go old school to go back to the old days before we had that kind of connection that we've now take for granted. In between studios here on coast to coast. But, but I I also had a pen in hand to write down all of my assignments one of those assignments against to here in crypto news. If you go to coast to coast AM dot com, you'll.

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