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Thing too is lies. Influencers will capture what they're remaking their homes or remodeling or when they're buying because because they use it for tax write offs it's content. That's an that they do which is crazy so going through that A lot of sponsors have dropped her so she's like trying to revamp who she is but right now she's pushing target and i think fina the razor at this moment by a lot of a lot. She's going to have to change what she's doing. A lot of people are not catching on like they're like. Oh my god look. She said she's on. The guy is code but three other influencers have it. So i mean it's just i don't know what she's gonna do for because of who she is and how narcissistic she has a masseuse. She's not gonna change a thing she's gonna keep going on. Okay the other person you brought up to me which. I didn't know there was any controversy about her. But you found it is former bachelorette alley fedotowsky. What is allies history. I don't even know what year we she on. And then what has been her career sense. In an thing she was on early two thousands and then she became an influence or right after that so she is like she's the pioneer of the bachelorette influencers which i was hearing a lot conference. I'm not religiously watch baojun parents right now. But there was a controversy on the last episode where two people. It was. The hot boston roofer. That are pretty girl named piper. Yeah yeah anyway. They met in the bachelor world. And we're dating. And then he came to bachelor in paradise and then came later and he dumped the girl who's hang out with for the first three weeks about to be with her and all the villagers got together. All the bachelor batch got together and we're like they're going to make it to the end 'cause they're already a couple when we're really here to find love and they want. They're doing this so they can stay on and get followers and have a social media platform and they're like literally talking about it like the girls like you know yet came here to get followers like as are sitting on the couch sick downstate here get followers but i mean i wasn't marketing major so i mean i'm sure i could do it on my own. I'm like oh really you think you can do it on your own versus being on the abc top show with an incredible demographic of people that are interested in your looking fashion. You think and somebody posted like her face and they're like the look you get when you realize you're no longer be able to sell like gummy hair. Vitamins go yes anyway. The villagers came with their pitchforks. And they said you to just need to leave and so they laughed in love and defeat and but you know what they're not gonna be cancelled if she's pretty inches interesting she'll she'll be just fine and and people will still fall now. They're gonna really get people falling them because they're going to be like. Are they really a couple or they're gonna get married. The got kicked off the island by the others that just that really do need the followers and the dick and like you know they're like you gotta pena's already lee way high. You know exactly. Some people hate follow. So you'll get that too. Yeah it's all going to work out so tell me about alley so go ahead. She is crazy. I like totally forgot about her until someone broader. My inbox and i started watching her story. Nice like is this girl serious. Like all day she slinging something like i just got so many. Dmz asking you for this. Here's a code and like that's like your typical lie. Nobody's deeming asking for this stuff like nobody a lot of even asking me like. That's the typical of lie. I'm just gonna pop on here real quick pop on and then i oh yeah like so. Yeah one thing. That i always get asked about is the size of my pores coup. So she uses Like tragic things and like sicknesses to real in people to get them to buy products from her. It is the most bizarre thing i've ever written evidence of over shingles she just had shingles. She was like filming herself at the hospital. Getting a shot and then she comes back and she goes. I went through all the president using and my doctor gave me. Currencies died beauty products. So cures my code for twenty percent off swipe up just complaining that your body can't move and now you're pushing it like like your it'd be it would be different. If she suffered from shingles and then said i went through a few different products and this shingle product to be recovering from shingles. Whatever actually really works. Then i'd be like now you've made lemonade out of lemons shingles and you got to be a spokesperson for the shingles shot or the shingles whatever vaccines i think there is a vaccine for shingles now. Yeah and so like that would be that. Would i'd be like go for that but then to go well i just recovered from a cold and thank god. My nose is not crusty at the ends anymore. Because now i can reapply. Ise laurent favorite ever foundation. It does not cling to the crusty. That happened at the end of my nose because blowing it too much. That's what you're talking about literally event and my face hurt so bad. So i've her husband's name as but kevin kevin's able to apply this all over my face because my face is so dry from shingles but swipe up from my fault favorites. What what is happening. And then she does it again with kevin so she's queen of like when she has a paid ad she'll say i can't get all the dams it's just too much going on so just go comment on my post and the post so like that riding bean to right. She wants the comments. There got it. That's actually having a lot of tips. I nope while catch them. I will catch them but she likes. Kevin got sick or something. And she's like Please send me in my comments on this post all your remedies so we can help kevin and like go to the doctor like like was it just it just so bizarre and then she's in facebook groups begging people to follow her so she can stay above a million followers. I don't know it's it's just. I've never seen anything like it. Well i think there's been some awful things i've seen with Social influencers which are also like youtube stars and stuff especially in the family. Mommy like oh this new family we follow and the worst one. I saw which was like. When i saw it i was like. Oh my god i gotta get girl gangs on here because this is so upper alley like i can't even and it was a two fab article about a mom. And she's doing a a a self video in her car with her son who appears to be like eight or nine. And she's like we're just really sad because our dog scruffy is probably not going to be with us any longer and we just really appreciate the prayers there. She's crying and the kids like and then what she didn't realize and thank god. Some sluice caught it before she deleted it is she kept the video running and she was she did not edit and she posted it and after that she says to the boy here come here like put your head on my shoulder and just act like crying and the kid goes but i am crying. M sad about scruffy and she goes. I know i know but like you need to crime more. I mean you guys. i'm not exaggerating. How am i am not exaggerating. Sick it if it was in a movie. You'd say they overdid it like you'd be like this is too unbelievable. Then she's like now. Now hold your scrunch your face scrunch face and put your hand over the face and the kid does it and i was like. Yeah and that's where. I was like all my guy. 'cause i kind of discovered couple of years ago like how by revealing something about yourself. That's tragic can win you back the love that you may have lost whether you're a big celebrity or social influence or whatever that people love the crying and the sadness and i mean i you know i didn't even realize it was Let's talk about this. And then i'll write this down. Okay so tell me what you thought about that. When you've writer background following it all started. I think she had like. I wanna say like ten million dollars. She her pages down now. She's gone off youtube She's gone you get how how many i have to go back and look what it was like millions but it's gone now do think it's gone because youtube says we can't have someone like you or she just couldn't take it. I think she can take a so. What happened was after that. That you upload uploaded people flooded her. Instagram people flooded the youtube. Everyone was commenting. She came automated video. It's been since removed. But she came on and was like. I'm so sorry it just was like one of those things you know. We were very upset. We had a crazy day. Just turn on. Our dog was like might not make it through the night. And you know like i. It just was looking a blooper but she was so. She's still in her apology. She still trying to get the sympathy of remember..

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