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A susan thank you it's my pleasure michael was what else you need to know yeah in eight in the morning a little after just a little after it i was getting ready to go surfing with one of my friends and from our venture them i heard sarah say that you have your phone easy either at approximately seven on saturday morning and alert was sent out to cell phones across hawaii ballistic missile threat inbound to hawaii seek immediate shelter this is not a drill are are are are wondering nowhere else or through arye arnon her she was happening and remember human of are um reallife of rio have nowhere to go there is no gringrich shelter seeking shelter uh there's nowhere to go this is an island where we will we got high on an island if a nuclear polaski diving everybody on any will perish oh what do i had to stop ever seen and gather at home my babies and raced on the stairs instinct surely do the phone lines were going to be clocked and i had less than two minutes to go touch with martin turn mm hmm hold them where the message said about them and there we were going down i told my friends at i didn't want radiation poisoning identify grown up our renders israel i wondered if it was worth korea and that on 3's and i accepted it and that's okay it's on trying to make it home in the military.

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