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Oh a few weaknesses and the own goal was a bit weird though from from a playoff quality over caliber. And then against Nigeria, there's a couple of times, where Arthur shoes, almost got caught, and then in the end because she's because she's quote quick, and she's quite clever. She she go, where with it. But I just can't wait now for her, but also for the rest of the team, and for Jack to see them in games that really mattered. I mean it was great to win those three matches lesser against Brazil in the last sixteen less against the US if they go through the quarters and etc. Because they haven't really been tested yet. Joseph find it interesting that you mentioned people are questioning Corinne, Deocracy surly in the tournament specifically after the Nigeria performance, what specifically are like the personnel decisions or the player decisions that she's being criticized over. I mean obviously the, the first one to drop Govan for the first game the striker because she was laid twice going into training in, in that week, does does her way of working does her discipline, things have to be in a certain way. If you don't fit in, in, in, in that setup then you out, she dropped her in front of everybody else grove on cried twice actually, before she left the hotel. And then once she goes to the bronze, and then she, she got her back in the second hand and she's called the small in terms of team selection, especially I mean for that for the Nigeria game, the fight that fight example, assay. You started on the left hand side, which for me. There's no debate that she shouldn't have started, again, the find that ocean Elorza, who's maybe one of the best strikers, in the world right now has to on the left hand side, because Jack things her and Mashri who played together. I'll Yonne combined well, on the left hand side, but you lose everything that summer is good. She's the clinical finish and the movement inside the box, because you put her on the left inside when she's no wing. She's never been a wing. So for me does where does what she she got it wrong in the group stage, that does sort of left, unsigned our start that Finn Cascarino on the right hand side every single day of the week. And she's she left a half for the second gaming us. No way she go back in for the game against Nigeria, and she didn't you knew. She didn't finish the game. There's a few things like that with even with Boussac Lia in midfield. I think Bill brings more than Bruce agree. I midfield alongside Denali and I'm not even sure just to finish, because I've talked a lot about that, about gates Gaetano Tina. As a number ten Tina for me has nothing in this World Cup so far. It was one of my points in my report on the game last night for dot com. I don't get Gaetano Tina as a number ten in that four to three. One thing she doesn't create enough. She's not clinical enough. We still have missing. Three big chances against Nigeria she has zero Sean Tonga for number ten in a game night against G is just not good enough..

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