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At the lowest cost ever we've got the clouds 21 at o'hare flurries and 22 midway and 25 by the lake jaffe no from weather channel on wlsam 890 with another update thirty minutes in the news at nine oh to just a dusting of snow no out there but that didn't stop the city department of streets and sanitation from deploying two hundred ten snow plows this morning our bill cameron has been watching politics in this city for decades and he told big john in rambling ray it looks to him like mayor emanuel is looking forward to the next election in two year it it occurred recuits worst what a butcher gotta understand when mayor remarkable aimed at curbing handled a blizzard of seventy nine he got beat by jane burn and she became mayor of chicago so we gotta 2019 electric cutting and rome is about to let any snowflakes crazy without a snowplow there to catch it and carried away so that's what's going on their aegis this all mayor's stand in fear of snow since the blizzard of seventy nine four women have come forward in a new washington post story claiming the republican senate nominee and alabama really more engaged in improper sexual relations with them one of the women was as young as fourteen at the time moore was in his thirties more is vehemently denying the allegations here's bob constantine i will never give up the fight wore more tweeting of the allegations against him quote the forces of evil will lie cheat steal even inflict physical harm if they believe it will silence in shut up christian conservatives like you and me and quote the washington post reports more had sexual contact with teenagers when he was in his thirties including one woman whose says she was fourteen at the time on air force one press secretary sarah sanders the president not laughed at me allegations in this case one for many years ago to destroy.

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