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Thousand federal workers will miss their second paycheck tomorrow. This woman worked for the IRS absolutely live paycheck to paycheck anew. CBS? News poll finds about seventy percent of Americans do not believe money for a border. Wall is worth the shutdown and six and ten say, the partial shutdown is causing serious problems for the country. Michael Cohen is postponing indefinitely is testimony before congress through his attorney coinciding threats from President Trump who says his former personal attorney is only been threatened by the truth. ABC's Cecilia Vega. Says congress is looking at issuing subpoena say they have offered him help with security police law enforcement. If in fact, he is scared for his safety, but house oversight committee, chairman Elijah Cummings was adamant that Cohen will testify. He said, quote, whatever we have to do to get him. Here. We will do Florida man who was training to be a corrections officer accused of killing everyone inside a Bank in the town of c- bring about eighty miles. South of Orlando. Police say twenty one year old Stephon Xavier told the dispatcher he shot five people governor Rhonda Santa is a terrible day for C bring highlands county. And for the state of Florida Chesterfield's splitting five precincts following crowding problems on election day. The board of supervisors voted unanimously to divide the janitorial iron bridge, skin quarter southside and Winfrey's store precincts following a county report decided insufficient poll workers and check in stations. The attract precinct will be kept hold at. The polling location is moving from elementary to Virginia state university. A federal court choosing a house redistricting plan that UVA's Larry Sabato says with nearly guarantee a democratic takeover of the house of delegates Republicans Kirk Cox, and Chris Johns would see the most significant partisan swings as the boundary lines move and secretary of state Mike Pompeo says the US will the five and it's Wayland President Nicolas Maduro. Rose order for US diplomats to leave the country that after the US recognize the opposition leader as the president your next news at nine news on demand at NewsRadio WR RV dot com. I'm Andy doernen on Richmond's news, weather, and traffic station. Newsradio eleven forty W R V A and now ninety six point one FM. Thank.

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