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Today tonight. In our succession here. And I'm going to call it my kingdom come. So. How about? Twelve says woe to him that bill at the town with blood and established a city by iniquity, and that's exactly what had been elected this. This session is not for kids. The session is pretty bloody. Gets the longest chapter in the book of judges it's also in many ways the most depressing. They say, no man's life is completely worthless why for anyone can serve as a horrible example? And I think we've got one on our hands tonight. We're going to see a giving a glimpse in advance. We're learn who big lessons tonight. The peril of ambition. And the principal. But you re you yourself. Both are GONNA be grammatically demonstrated here as we go. And I'll have the text on the on the screen, but I encourage you to follow bibles. Judges Chapter Nine, verse, one and Ben Affleck the son of giral. Now draw ball is an interesting guy. Gideon. But you'll notice in this chapter he's never called Gideon. He's always called level that just to get a little more background you know it's interesting when George Washington Army defeated British General Charles Cornwallis at Yorktown. The end of the revolutionary war began but didn't end with the problems. They had huge huge problems even after that decisive defeat of the British. Things are so bad economically that there were those that felt the only way the country would get its act together is to make George Washington King. and. He was popular enough to have that happen but he declined. And he rejected that plan. Is. Just the opposite here he had a passionate desire to be king. And that he allowed nothing to stand in his way. Even, the lives of hundreds of people. So we're going to discover there's really three stages in this chapter. Seizing the kingdom. And then. Follow through as we go. was. The son of Draw Bowler. Gideon by a concubine. Concubine was a slave that continually with their family. Through whom he had a son. And the family lived in and we're GONNA talk about chuck here in a minute. You can imagine he happened to have sixty nine brothers. Half brothers, and you can imagine how they treated the son of a concubine. His name means. My father is king. And how often it is. That we find the next generation. Is Not made of the stuff of that first generation. And that's what we're gonNA discover here he lived getting lived like a king but remember he refused To establish a dynasty in Israel. and. He made it clear that neither of them like any, any of his sons would rule over the people. Israel would not have a true king until Saul when Samuel gets the actual a little later. He's annoyed and I same old ten. Annoying. Case obviously felt his dad made a mistake and after father's death, he moved from Oprah to check him to start his campaign. Now, there's a strategic reason he went to check. By the way as he moves along here, he's going to break several of God's laws. Lashing ten ounces shalt not, covet. Is Obviously Company. Ambition can cause people to achieve things. There's a positive side to it, but if carried to excessive course can be a dangerous dangerous master. I will ascend into heaven turned an angel. Into the devil in Isaiah? Fourteen. Ember Nebbi is not this Babylon. Built was a declaration that made a king into an animal seven years. Dang for if we have exalted if we Exalt Ourselves, God has a way of bringing us down. Anyway. He went to check him to under his mother's brethren communed with them, and with all the family of the house of his mother's father saying speak, I, pray you in the North he speaking to the house. Of his mother's father these Canaanites. Don't confuse fact that Gideon was.

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